“You Can Never Be Too Prepared.”

We’re hearing from many of our Facebook friends now that some folks have tracked down enough power to charge cell phones and portable computers after Hurricane Sandy. So far, everyone’s unhurt, but many are dealing with uncertainties. Hearing from them and hearing and seeing the news reports, there’s one clear message: You can never be too prepared.

This hurricane has brought home the fact that we can never really know the immediate and longer-lasting effects of a catastrophic weather event. And we’ve had our share here in the US lately. Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. Hurricane Irene blew through the East Coast just over a year ago, and many folks had not yet recovered from that storm when Sandy landed and did even more damage, particularly to New Jersey shore areas, Lower Manhattan, and caused the fires in which over 80 people in Brooklyn lost their homes.

What You Need To Make It Through A  Disaster
Start at ready.gov. You can plan ahead, and you can create a kit that will help you and your family stay safe in the event that such an event affects you. Ready.gov shows you the basics.

Plan for a three day, five day, 10 day or even longer period, and reserve the supplies that will help. Many folks in the affected areas aren’t expected to have power or city services re-established until sometime next week, or even later–nearly 10 days after Sandy hit. We all know now–natural disasters can happen to us, no matter if we live in a rural or urban area. Take charge, and plan carefully.

Bruce Breckbill, who’s an integral part of our executive management team here at Lehman’s, has come up with a fairly extensive disaster survival kit (see list below) that will help you and your family ride out any situation, and it’s under $1,000. It covers the basic needs: food, heat, light and water. A few additions will make some conditions more bearable, and the entire thing can be stored and transported easily.

Take a look, and start developing a plan that will work for you and your family. When you know you have the tools to handle a situation, it’s easier to remain calm, to keep your family calm, and to make the decisions that will keep you all safe.

Build Your Kit With Lehman’s
Below, you’ll find a list of Bruce’s core items for a short to long term survival kit. We have easily transportable, food-safe lidded buckets that you can store these supplies in too. Click on each item to read more. Below this list is a bulleted section of items that you might consider adding to your long-term kit, particularly if you have small children or elderly for which you are responsible. We stock D, C, and AA batteries, and you can select those to include with your order.

Aladdin Genie III with Parts Kit
Aladdin Genie III with Parts Kit
  1. Lantern 1193115  (Add 4 packs of batteries)
  2. Radio 1170370 -or- Radio 1241945 (Add 4 packs of batteries)
  3. Solar Flashlight 10805113 
  4. Aladdin lamp w/ parts C61072
  5. Lamp oil 17554
  6. Emergency drinking tablets 8013692
  7. Water bottle filter 50010 (one for each person)
  8. Stormproof matches 1218240
  9. 5 buckets 33053080 (for water)
  10. Bucket opener 1171310
  11. Honey 1078655 (3 containers)
  12. Soybeans 1226390
  13. Granola 1093870 (3 bags)
  14. Peanuts 1140685 (10 bags)
  15. Case of canned beef meat 12291202 (Choose from chicken 12291201, pork 12291204 and turkey 12291203 too)

Additional items you might want to consider adding:

Remember, the quantity of items you need also depends on the amount of people that you’re building your kit for. Adjust the kit to fit you and your family’s needs. Also, make sure you put your kit in a safe and accessible place in your home, so you can easily reach it when you need it. Plan now, so you’ll be prepared later.

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11 years ago

There’s no substitute for the right supplies and tools and having taken the time to know how to use them effectively.

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