15 Ways to Transform Your Canning Jars

It’s no secret. Canning jars are for more than canning. They’re super useful around the house and great for when you need a simple, inexpensive decoration. We’ve put together a list of our favorite uses for these jars.

Put flowers inside the jars and tie ribbon or twine around the rims for centerpieces. For more color, you can paint the jars.
From buttons and spices to art and office supplies, these jars can help you get organized. Plus, they look great too.

Grow your owns sprouts in a jar. Simple to do, just use water, sprout seeds and a screen or strainer lid on your jar (pictured below).

Strainer Lids for Canning Jars
Click on picture to learn more about these strainer lids. Available at Lehmans.com or in our store in Kidron, Ohio.

Take your favorite beverage with you. Add a Cuppow lid (pictured on left), so you can sip without spills. For added convenience, use a jar with a handle.

For those with crafty hands, here’s an easy way to keep your yarn or ribbon neat and untangled. Just puncture a hole in top of the lid and pull through the yarn or ribbon.

Lunch-In-A-Jar Divider
Lunch-In-A-Jar Divider fits wide mouth jars. Click on picture to learn more.

Save those wasteful brown bags, and instead, use a jar. Simply add a Lunch-In-A-Jar Divider, and you can keep your dry and wet foods separate: salad and dressing, vegetables and dip, chips and salsa, milk and cookies, even leftovers. Divider is pictured on the left and comes in four different colors.

Make it easy for guests to grab their silverware and go at a picnic or buffet. Roll silverware in a napkin, and place upright in a wide-mouth jar.

Plant your herbs right in a jar. To add your own personal touch, you can mark the jars with decorative tags or use chalk paint and write right on the jars.

Add a pillar candle or votive to a jar partially filled with sand. You’ll have a beautiful light and centerpiece.

Candle Jar Holders
Need jars? Choose from a wide selection at Lehmans.com or in our store in Kidron, Ohio.

With some simple alterations and a soap pump, you can turn your jar into a useful soap dispenser.

Use jars for thoughtful, delicious gifts. Put all the dry ingredients you need for cookies and tie the recipe around the rim. There are also many recipes available for pies and other desserts you can make in a jar.

No more heavy crocks. You can make brine pickles and sauerkraut using your wide mouth canning jar and the Perfect Pickler kit (pictured below). The Perfect Pickler connects to top of your jar for easy pickling in a minimum of 4 days.

Perfect Pickler Fermentor Value Kit
Perfect Pickler Fermentor Value Kit

Fill the jar with your favorite sweet treats and keep it right on the counter or neatly in the pantry. Planning a party? Use a variety of sizes and fill each with a different candies.

Instead of using the jars, this thrifty craft uses their bands. Tie them together to form a wreath. You can paint bands to match a holiday or room colors. For a more vintage look, use older bands as is.

There are different variations of this jar ‘trick’, from using candles to connecting to light fixtures. Either way, the effect is eye-catching. Pop over to our Pinterest page, and search ‘jar chandelier.’

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