5 Simple Activities to Spend More Time in Nature

It’s getting easier and easier to stay cooped up indoors all day, with all the distractions we have. Nevertheless, it is very important to get outside, and in Ohio, the warm seasons are the best time to be in nature. Nature has a healing power and helps with both physical and mental health. Being in nature doesn’t have to be scary and intimidating. It can be easy and fun.

1. Visit a Park

Parks are my favorite way to get outside. There is something for everyone to enjoy at a park. The parks near me have great trails that I like to walk. They’re short enough that I don’t get too tired, and I get to enjoy fresh air, plants, and animals. There are benches by ponds that I like to sit on and watch the birds.cardinal in nature

Springtime is my favorite time to be in the park because I love seeing all the signs of new life, like sprouts and wildflowers. Planning a “scavenger hunt” for a day in the park gets people to pay more attention to their surroundings. Simply make a list of all the things you want to spot and cross them off as you see them. For some fun competition, the first person to find everything on the list is the winner! Another fun idea is to collect one item from nature for each color of the rainbow, and then paste them on construction paper. And for the more serious outdoors people that enjoy challenging hikes, Lehman’s carries a special hydration bag that carries both water and gear. 

2. Go Campingbackyard fire pit grill

“Camping” can mean traveling far away and really roughing it, or it can mean setting up a tent and sleeping bags in your own backyard. Either way, it’s a great way to get outside. Spending the night in nature is a special memory that lasts a lifetime. Lehman’s carries many essentials for camping, and also things to just make it more fun! Lehman’s has irons for cooking burgers and hotdogs over the fire, as well as just about anything else needed for open fire cooking.

The collapsible camping cot makes for a comfortable night’s rest outdoors. A tip for backyard camping: string lights and hang lanterns around your “campsite” for a cozier feeling. And don’t forget to try and see a shooting star.

3. Pack a PicnicAmish made picnic basket

Having a picnic in the park, backyard, or wherever you can find some nice scenery is wholesome and delightful. Lehman’s carries gorgeous Amish- made picnic baskets.

Make sure to bring a plastic bag for trash, and wet wipes to stay clean. Also, opt for easy-to-eat food that requires the least utensils. Makes for a great photo-op!

4. Play Outdoor Games

Amish made croquet game setLawn games are great outdoor family fun. Try throwing horseshoes, playing with Amish crafted croquet sets, playing cornhole, or trying your hand at a giant ring toss game. I’ve had a lot of fun playing a Swedish game called Kubb that involves tossing blocks to knock down opponents’ blocks. Some lawn games can be DIY, like chalk hopscotch, and water balloon fights to help the whole family cool down.

5. Try Some Waterside Fun

Getting into some water is a warm-weather essential. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice local pool, take advantage of it often. My family loves tubing and kayaking on the Tuscarawas river. We also like to rent a boat for a few hours and spend the time out on the lake, eating snacks and soaking up the sunshine. When I was a kid, running through the sprinkler in the backyard was my favorite.

However you do it, make sure to get some Vitamin D with the people you love this spring and summer!

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