A town that doesn’t exist!

Kidron, my home town, was never legally incorporated and therefore doesn’t legally exist.

Don’t tell that to my neighbors! The little valley of Kidron is home to dozens of families I know and respect. I’m a seventh generation Kidronite, and I’m here to tell you that we’re mighty proud of our tight little community!

For over 100 years Kidron has been the area’s market place, social gathering spot and supply depot. My grandfather helped put in the first roads, but when “horseless carriages” came in on those roads, Kidron’s hitching rail stayed.

The parking lot in downtown Kidron on sale day (Lehman's is in the upper right hand corner)
The parking lot in downtown Kidron on sale day (Lehman's is in the upper right hand corner)

The rolling hills around Kidron, Ohio are home to the world’s largest Amish community. Decades of serving the Amish, who believe in simple living without electricity or other modern innovations, has left its mark on Lehman’s. Non-electric appliances, hand tools, hand-cranked housewares and oil lamps pack our store in Kidron, as well as museum-quality antiques and North America’s largest display of wood cookstoves.

People from all 50 states and about 120 countries have shopped at Lehman’s. Ever wonder how many countries there are in the world? I guess the answer isn’t real clear. (Click here for details.) But, I do know this. If you can think of the name of a country, there’s probably been a visitor from that country in the store. The ones that never made it are pretty obscure. We’ve had guests from Estonia, Burkina Faso and Mongolia, just for example.

But, Kidron’s lack of legal status makes us hard to find. You may find your GPS isn’t much help. Depending on which brand you own, you may need to search under one of two neighboring towns! Here are some of the addresses that may work in your GPS:

4779 Kidron Road, Dalton, Ohio
4779 Kidron Road, Apple Creek, Ohio
4779 Kidron Road, Kidron, Ohio

Kidron is on the border between Apple Creek and Dalton, which are both legally incorporated. So, some mapping systems ask for one town name and some for the other. We’re right on the square in Kidron. Ironically, even if your GPS doesn’t recognize “4779 Kidron Road, Kidron, Ohio”, it may recognize “Kidron, Ohio.”

So how did folks from 50 states and 120 countries find us? To tell you the truth, I’m not exactly sure. But, I do know we’ve worked pretty hard to make Lehman’s store in Kidron, Ohio, worth finding. Also, Kidron’s a pretty small town…little more than a crossroads. If you can find Kidron, you’ve found Lehman’s!

Another good question: In this modern, fast-changing world, why do people even care about an obscure religious group that seems to believe old is better than new? My Dad, who founded Lehman’s in 1955, says, “The Amish have shown us that non-electric products can actually be more efficient than commonly accepted modern methods. The Amish led us to preserve many traditional tools, artifacts and value systems.”

“By using old-fashioned goods like we sell, the Amish have succeeded in farming where modern farmers have failed. Amish families have prospered in peace and self-reliance for generations. They know how to make a good living on small tracts of land. They cherish lifelong bonds with family and community. Amish families eagerly support and help one another through good times and bad. Crime is rare in this community,” said Jay.

And that’s exactly why any local resident will bristle if you tell them Kidron doesn’t exist! (But, I’m really sorry about the whole GPS problem!)

Galen Lehman
Galen Lehman, President, Lehman’s

Galen Lehman
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