American Gardeners Seeing Some Green!

These Black Cherry Tomatoes made their appearance April 4 for Kendra!
These Black Cherry Tomatoes made their appearance April 4 for Kendra!

Kendra, NC-TN Mountains

We’ve enjoyed a good rain, and the seedlings are thriving. My carrots are just emerging from the soil, and are finally making an appearance among the radishes in the garden.

The lettuce is also making its first showing, safely covered with chicken wire to keep the cat from scratching in the bed. I was excited to find my Black Cherry Tomatoes sprouting indoors recently. The seedlings are now warmly growing under fluorescent bulbs on my kitchen counter.

BG, Indianapolis

We created two new raised beds, both 4×4, dug to about 12 inches and then dug with a broad fork one more level. Carrots are seeded diagonally into all 8 corners; will do cucumbers (either with a trellis or with sunflowers to climb up) in the middle part of this set up.

Bs asparagusEditor’s note: BG has also had some asparagus growing. And she even waited for her husband to come home to share it him. I’m not sure I could do that! Gorgeous asparagus, BG!


Glynis, Arizona High Desert

This time of year, Glynis is battling strong winds and some major storms. Many of her seedlings are still indoors. Her Lazy Housewife Beans, (left) and Black Cherry Tomatoes (right) are coming along well!

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