Customer Connections: Growing a Pizza

We have so many wonderful customers and we want to share our interactions with you.

One of my favorite customer memories is the woman whose goal was to Grow a Pizza.  What does that even mean, right?

Well, she lived in the city and had elementary-school-aged children and was discouraged by the hustle and bustle of the “concrete jungle.” She and her husband wanted a more satisfying and meaningful life for their children and themselves.  They sold their city home and bought several acres out in the country and built a log cabin. 

Her goal to Grow a Pizza means that she wanted to produce every ingredient for the pizza on her own land, with her own two making pizza together

She wanted to understand the ingredients and know where they came from.  She planned to teach her children skills that would last a lifetime.  She was convinced the home-grown pizza would taste better and be healthier that the “city version.”

So, what did she do?  She grew the wheat to grind the flour for the dough.  She milked her goat and made cheese; butchered her hog for the sausage; grew the tomatoes for the sauce; as well as the onions and peppers for the toppings.goats milk and cheese

She even chopped down the wood to cook the pizza in her wood cook stove.

So, yes, she grew her own pizza. Back in the city, she had pizza in 30 minutes or less.  This pizza took three years but was worth every minute, and we were delighted to help her find the supplies she needed to achieve her goal.

Wherever you are on your journey to the simpler life, let us help you take the next step!

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1 year ago

What a beautiful story. That is the way to live. it reminds me of how I look at many things. I wanted comfrey so I ordered comfrey seeds and grew them and made my own comfrey oil. We should all try to look at things like you do with the pizza, Your children will have such happy memories of growing up with you. Thank you for this story

1 year ago

Thank you for sharing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Theresa
11 months ago

Understand her quest. I have my own chickens. That is a journey to understand their culture.. (yes, they have one) I’m constantly looking at what I eat or do; can I make my own. Sometimes yes, others, no. When my family comes, then we’ll do goats. As a middle senior, don’t have the energy for them alone. Expect to start exploring my own oil.

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