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Click the photo to see a full sized image you can read more easily.
Click the photo above to see a full sized image you can read more easily.

Nothing makes my day more than a nice thank-you note from a customer! Here is one that came in last week’s mail.

In case you can’t read the image of it above, here’s the full text:

Dear Mr. Lehman,

I wish to bring to your attention the superior service provided to me by Julie. I am an Ohio resident in the process of moving to a remote location in Utah. Since I do not yet have mail delivery to my location, it was necessary to have my order shipped to a business in the nearest town. Julie was pleasant, knowledgeable and professional in her communication with me in regard to my order.

Unfortunately, two freight items I had ordered sustained damage during shipping. I contacted Julie in regard to the damaged items. She arranged to have the damaged items returned and replacements shipped in a timely manner, and in addition, worked with your own shipping department to crate the replacements in-house. As a result, I received the items in good condition.

Julie projected a personal, friendly tone throughout. I understand that sometimes problems beyond our control occur, and in this case, Julie made all the difference in a positive outcome.

Mr. Lehman, I am sure that you are concerned with many matters during the course of your day, and I’m sure it’s refreshing to get feedback such as what is contained herein. In closing, I wish to say that Julie’s service to me reflects highly on herself, the customer order department, and the Lehman’s name.

I would ask that you included this letter in her personnel file, as well as communicate to her personally my thanks for a job well done.



The “Julie” Dan is talking about is one of the first hires I ever made, and one of the best. For 21 years, she has worked along side me as one of our star customer service people.

Yes, she’s a star*. But, she is just one person (albeit the first I ever hired) in a department of more than a dozen. (How did we ever get this big?) Each one of the people in that department (and throughout our operation) shares Julie’s deep concern for your satisfaction.

Dan’s order, unfortunately, did not arrive in perfect condition the first time we shipped it. We hope your order does. But, if it doesn’t, please let us know immediately. We promise to do everything in our power to fix it for you.

Either way, please let me know how we did. I love to hear from you!
Galen Lehman
Galen Lehman, President, Lehman’s

Galen Lehman
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*PS – This posting would be better a lot better if I had been able to include a photo of Julie. In fact, we put a photo of her inside the front cover of our 1993 catalog. (If you have a copy, you are welcome to check it out.) As a result of that catalog photo, she got two marriage proposals in the mail from perfect strangers. Being very happily married, she asked me not to publish her picture this time. :-)

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