Falling In Love With Fall

Each season has its wonderful things about it that make it so great. Spring has new life, flowers blossoming, the first taste of warm weather for the year, the feeling of getting things cleaned up and in order, and a sense of optimism at the cold weather being lifted. Winter has cozy nights by the fireplace, playing in the snow, holidays with family, tasty seasonal treats, sweaters and mittens, and a new year. Summer has freedom, warmth, swimming, sandy flip flops, vacations, bonfires, barbeques, and long lazy beach days. But everyone has their favorite season, and my favorite is fall.

There is something about early September when the first signs of autumn start to peek out that gives me a sense of peace and happiness. First, one orange or yellow leaf falls to the grass, then two, then three… and before you know it, it’s full-fledged fall! The first morning I look out the window and see the ground totally covered in those colorful crispy leaves, I know my favorite part of the year has arrived and it’s time to break out my coat, hat and boots.

Fall is the most delightful season in Amish Country, Northeast Ohio, where Lehman’s is located. We have the prettiest fall leaves of anywhere in the country, in my humble opinion. October is actually the busiest time of the year here, even busier than Christmas, because of the fall foliage.amish farm

The air smells of bonfires and feels cool, in high contrast to the sweltering heat we’ve had for months on end. The children are back in school, so the sounds of their laughter on the playground float around the city all day. People walk around carrying travel mugs full of pumpkin spice this-or-that, hot chocolate, and warm spiced apple cider. Halloween stores are opening up on each corner, and every kid is excitedly planning out their costumes. Everyone is comfortably dressed in jackets and sweaters and knit socks and scarves. Driving down highways or streets in town, the trees fly past in beautiful rainbows of autumn colors. It is a truly magical time where people feel hope and love. As the weather becomes colder, the feelings in people’s hearts become warmer.

During fall, one of my favorite things to do is have a bonfire. It’s a way to get people together to have a nice, seasonal time! The fire creates a lovely fall aroma, and hotdogs and s’mores can be made; it’s a great way to spend an evening outdoors. I always had such a hard time getting a nice fire going, though, until I used Lehman’s products. Lehman’s offers several different fire starter options, such as Safelite, and more, but I find that the USA-made pine cone firestarters never fail to make the task an easy one.

apple express peeler
The Apple Express Peeler is a big helper for making pies, dumplings and applesauce. Available at Lehmans.com

I also love apple-based anything in the fall. Pie, cider, juice, candy, anything! To make my own apple treats that I love, I harvest my apples with the fruit-picking tool, then I peel them with the Apple Express Clamp-On Peeler. I slice them up with the apple slicer, then I pick my favorite recipe from From the Apple Orchard: Recipes for Apple Lovers. I love making cider with the fruit press, and making pie with all Lehman’s cooking utensils.

My dad makes us homemade maple syrup in the colder months, for which Lehman’s carries all of the best supplies. Fall is also the time to start planting your bulbs for next year, and Lehman’s can help with that, too. Autumn is my favorite time of year to go camping because of the serene beauty nature has and the perfect temperature that is not too hot or cold, and there is no better place to stock up on camping gear than Lehman’s. From lanterns to non-electric cooking supplies to water treating supplies, they have it all.

If you’re kicking yourself for not getting out and enjoying nature enough this summer, it’s not too late! We’ve got months of beautiful weather left, so go enjoy it now!

Editor’s Note: Originally published in October 2017.

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1 year ago

[…] inside our store in Kidron, Ohio where everything is beginning to look a little cozier.  Yes, fall has arrived at Lehman’s (or at least on our shelves), and while we joyfully wait for the […]

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