Food: The Way It Was Meant To Be

Unpronounceable chemicals don’t belong in our food; I like to look at what I’m eating and feel confident that I know everything that’s put into it. That way, I know exactly how it will affect the way I feel, my body, and the origins of where it came from. The simpler the food, the better. When chemicals and unnatural additives are mixed into processed foods, they are often extremely high in trans fats and sugars. Hardly anything in them is real and comes from the earth, and of course they’re very fattening.

Being unaware of where your food comes from can be unsettling because anything could be inside it, and what is put in your body is very important. Eating things that improve your health and overall well-being should always be a priority. Unhealthy, fatty foods can become nearly addictive, and it can be hard to switch from an unnatural diet to a more natural one. It’s so worth it though.

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The benefits of a simple, GMO-free diet where the things you eat are naturally produced and don’t require a mile-long ingredients list are countless. Removing GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, from your diet will lead you to a greater knowledge of your food. The reason GMOs are so bad for us is that we really don’t know much about them.

That is very unlike simple, whole, fresh foods where everything in the food is clear. For example, in a fruit, the only ingredient is the fruit. In fresh churned butter, the only ingredient is cream. In apple cider, the only ingredient is apples.

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Being aware and understanding what you’re putting in your body is a great step in becoming a healthier person. Staying away from prepackaged and processed foods is a big part of this. Leaning more towards fresh vegetables, fruits, and clean foods is an even bigger part. “Clean foods” means foods that haven’t been tampered with, modified, or processed. Just food, naturally, the way it is.

Clean foods are not only healthier; they’re better for the environment too. The general rules for a healthy, clean, simple diet that you can fully understand and be aware of are minimal processing, short ingredient lists, and fresh, whole foods that are perishable. Start today on the path to cleaner eating. Your body and the earth will thank you!

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