From Apple Tree to Apple Pie: My Trip to the Orchard

Editor’s Note: Enjoy this sweet photo trip through the apple orchard from Allison Ervin, daughter of Glenda Ervin VP of Marketing. Keep reading to find the recipe she used to make a fresh, homemade apple pie!

It was on my autumn bucket list since the very first chilly day in September this year to go to an orchard to pick apples and make a pie with them. In early October, with my dad’s birthday right around the corner, it was the perfect time to go.

a view of the orchard
A view of the orchard…
apple trees
..and of course, there were plenty of apple trees!

It was a lovely, seasonal day with my mom! We wore our coziest outfits and headed to a local orchard. Before we started down the aisles of apple trees, we stopped to pet the curly haired sheep and miniature horses that were there.

The trees were absolutely filled with ripe apples! Despite the several other families that were there the same time as us, there didn’t seem to be any shortage of fruit to pick. Our bag filled to the top fast!

picking apples
Time to pick the apples!
harvested apples
We picked a bagful.

Once we were back home, I sliced up the apples while my mom started mixing the spices and crust batter. This was only the second time we’ve made a pie from scratch, but we were confident it would turn out tasty.

sliced apples
All the apples are sliced…time to bake!
Homemade apple pie
Presenting the final product…homemade apple pie!

Note: There are many great recipes for apple pie, but this is the recipe we used (from Allrecipes). Happy baking!

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