Fun, Edible Ideas for April Fool’s Day

It’s not April Fool’s Day yet; however, I wanted to share a fun family tradition with you.  When my children were younger, I would make a “fake food” meal every April 1.  It became so popular they would invite their friends over to see what was for dinner.  Here are some of the fun meals I have made.

1. The Fake Hot Dog

This fake hot dog is made of a banana with peanut butter and jelly on a hot dog bun.  So fun and easy, I would also cut up a melon into strips so it looked like sweet potato fries to serve as a side dish.

2. A “Sweet” Desert

One year I told them I was making a desert, instead of dessert. Literally.

Crunch up vanilla wafers so it looks like sand, layer with bananas and vanilla pudding.  Add a few succulents.  You can also use a clean sand bucket, make the layers, and stick a plastic shovel in the dish.  It looks exactly like a bucket of sand.

3. Not Quite Breakfast

We often enjoy breakfast for dinner so they thought they were getting eggs, bacon and coffee.  The eggs are vanilla yogurt and two peach halves, the bacon is a brownie, and the coffee is Coke.  I served the Coke out of coffee pot to make it even more realistic.

4. Meat Cake

This was an all time favorite – the meat cake.  I made a traditional meatloaf in layered cake pans, “iced” it with mashed potatoes, and decorated it with catsup.

5. Dessert Pizza!

Fruit pizza, using watermelon slices as the base, chopped almonds for the cheese, and bananas and blueberries for the toppings.  You can add kiwi or almost, if that is what your family likes.

6. Fake Popcorn

Did you guess what this is?  Roasted cauliflower.  One of the best ways to serve a trick meal is use the container that the “real food” would be in, like this popcorn box.



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Beth Catt
Beth Catt
5 months ago

I think your fake food is really a cool idea, I need to come up with a few new ideas of my own thank you for your idea’s

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