Happenings in Kidron, August 19, 2010

An argument erupted at the town council meeting in the village of Dalton (next door to Kidron). A resident has placed a boulder in a part of their yard that a survey shows is on the village’s right-of-way.

One council member threatened to have it removed and to bill the resident for the cost of removal. The mayor warned that the resident told her that if anyone tried to remove it, they would have to remove “someone” along with the rock because that “someone” would be sitting on the rock. Another town council member said that if any such action was taken, then the whole town would have to be surveyed (which is not exactly what they should be spending money on in difficult times).

I’m not sure what they should do about that (alleged) rock. But, I’m glad that Kidron is an unincorporated village. It doesn’t mean we get along any better, but at least our disagreements aren’t (usually) fought in public!

Speaking of things not done in public, Kidron Town and Country was broken into by teenagers early one morning last week. They were set on getting a pack of cigarettes. This being a small town, they were seen and recognized by neighbors. Police visited their home and retrieved the cigarettes along with items they said were stolen from another local business.

The store owner’s feelings were hurt. Town and Country’s specialty is custom butchered, high-quality cuts of meat. He wondered why they didn’t try to steal some meat.

Kidron’s annual Fall “Machinery Auction” is coming up on Saturday. It’s a great time to visit, because it’s about a lot more than just selling machinery. We expect several thousand Amish to come and bid on the machinery (which is mostly horse drawn farm equipment). But, it’s also a great time to get a great deal on antiques, taste some fun county fair style food (and visit Lehman’s)!

Our beloved Cleveland Indians are at the bottom of their division. But, it’s no matter. There’s good fast pitch softball almost every night at one of the two lighted fields in Kidron’s Evergreen Park. Next Wednesday night, Weaver Painting is playing Weeman Concrete on Sprunger Field.

Galen Lehman
Galen Lehman, President, Lehman’s

Galen Lehman

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