Happenings in Kidron, August 4, 2010

Our local volunteer firemen rescued two cats trapped in a house fire, but were unable to save Dan Slabaugh’s barn, which was struck by lightening last week.

Everybody is working hard to get ready for the Mennonite Relief Sale this Saturday, when 20,000 people will descend our our little town. We’ll welcome them all…the second cutting of hay is off the fields so we’ve got plenty of parking. And, every item sold at the sale is donated with all the proceeds going to help relieve world hunger!

A handmade quilt being auctioned under the big tent at the Relief Sale.

Garage sales are lining US Route 30 a few miles from Lehman’s store in Kidron. That stretch of road, known as “Old Lincoln Way”, is home to the annual “Lincoln Buy-Way Garage Sale,” which is also this weekend. I see a dishwasher, in-line skates, Longaberger baskets and a dog kennel for sale, among many other things. Proceeds will help relieve local hunger (most likely at the Dalton Dairiette), the local drive-in that’s known for good ice cream.

Oris Steiner (330-698-7531) and Gordon Nussbaum (330-857-5591) are both selling locally grown, anti-biotic/hormone free beef. They will butcher to your precise needs.

Congratulations to the Steiner and Amstutz families, which both welcomed new baby boys into their families.

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