Highway Surprise

Lehman’s stove installers were on their way to a customer’s home recently. The route took them south on I-77. The driver, Simon, spotted a box that looked like it contained one of our products laying along the side of this very busy highway. He took the next exit and turned around to confirm if it came from our store.

Simon - Our stove installer with the pipe he found
Simon - Our stove installer with the pipe he found

Sure enough, it was a piece of Simpson stove pipe and, incredibly enough, it was not even damaged!

This set off an investigation involving Simon, two of our warehouse workers (Reggie and Dave), and Sharon, one of our customer service representatives. They wanted to know if the box could have been lost by a Lehman’s customer.

Eventually, they tracked the package to a customer from Cambridge, Ohio, who had picked up a stove and pipe at our warehouse the previous evening.

Sharon called the customer, who admitted that some of his stove pipe had fallen out of the back of his truck on the trip home from our store.

View map of the route from Kidron to Cambridge

This is a true story I wanted to tell to show how we try to go the extra mile for our customers. When I started at Lehman’s, we had just 15 employees. I got to meet almost every customer and got to be involved in almost every transaction. I could personally make sure that we went that extra mile every time.

It feels good to know that 30 years later, with over 100 employees, I can still be sure that at Lehman’s, we go the extra mile.

Of course, we’re not perfect. So, if you’ve ever had a time when we failed to go that extra mile, please let me know personally. We want to do the right thing!

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