How to Season Your Cast Iron Skillet

There are so many wonderful advantages of cooking with cast iron cookware. The amazing heat retention, its long-lasting construction, its versatile use from the kitchen stove to the open campfire…the list goes on!  

A seasoned cast iron skillet also helps keep food from sticking, and many cast iron cookware, like Lodge cast iron, already comes seasoned and ready to use.  However, seasoning your skillet may be needed if your pan came unseasoned.  Or perhaps, your pan is becoming dull and food is not releasing like it once did. 

But how do you season your cast iron skillet?

Here are the five simple steps for seasoning your cast iron skillet. (This information is courtesy of our friends at Lodge!)

1. Wash Your Pan

The Lodge Scrubbing Brush is available at or in Lehman’s store in Kidron, Ohio

Wash your cast iron pan with warm, soapy water. A little soap is okay to use since you’re preparing to season your pan in the oven.

2. Dry Thoroughly

Completely dry your cast iron skillet with a paper towel or lint-free cloth. You can place it on the stovetop on low heat for a few minutes to make sure it’s completely dry.

3. Apply Oil

The Lodge Seasoning is available at or in Lehman’s store in Kidron, Ohio

Add a very thin layer of cooking oil—like our Seasoning Spray—to the surface of your cast iron (inside and out) with a cloth or lint-free paper towel. Go easy on the oil—you want just a thin layer, not enough to drip or run when you tilt it. Thin layers are important for baking seasoning into the pan.

4. Bake for 1 Hour

Preheat your oven to 350–450 degrees F. Place aluminum foil on the bottom rack of the oven to catch any excess oil. Put your cookware upside down on the center rack. This helps prevent oil from pooling on the cooking surface. Bake for 1 hour.

5. Cool in the Oven

Turn off the heat and allow the cast iron skillet to cool in the oven. This allows the seasoning to further cure and adhere to the iron.

Happy cooking!

You can find our full section of Lodge cast iron here.

Editor’s Note: Originally posted in July 2022.

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1 year ago

[…] about looking at the jars of whatever has been preserved when one has completed the process of canning. Knowing YOU are the one who put forth the effort, time and investment to bring about the end […]

rose watkins
rose watkins
1 year ago

Thank you for this information . I have one I bought at a thrift shop over 40 years ago and it needs seasoning. I just bought a larger one at a garage sale it also needs seasoning. I love my cast iron skillets. I enjoy cooking in them. Again thank you for this information.

1 year ago

[…] If you love your cast iron cookware as much as we do, then you might already know the yumminess that can come from a cast iron pan.  Cast iron holds heat incredibly well, cooks food evenly, and has a natural non-stick surface. […]

1 year ago

What about the enameled cast iron? Is it okay to use the chainmail on it? Is it recommended to season the enameled cast iron?

Reply to  Erin
1 year ago

Hi, Erin! You do not need to season your enamel. Chainmail is safe to use on you cast irons and enameled cat iron as well!

1 year ago

[…] cookware – so do our customers! After all, cast iron pans are incredibly durable, naturally seasoned, retain heat extremely well, and can go beyond the kitchen (hello, […]

Shirley Livingston
Shirley Livingston
1 year ago

I have my grandmothers , Wagner cast iron skillets and Dutch oven pans…
I have all sizes. Love them.

10 months ago

How do I download this information on chrome?

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