I’m in love with Aladdin Lamps

Aladdin Brass Table LampAladdin lamps are almost magical. Using a 100-year-old principle of lighting, they run on less oil but provide more light than any other oil lamp. They use a mantle that glows with brilliant white light (like a Coleman lantern), but (unlike Coleman) they don’t use pressurized fuel, which makes them a LOT safer.

They’re also completely silent and very reliable. We’ve carried them for decades. I use them. So do many of our customers, whether they live in Africa or Alabama.

Why? Our customers in the African bush NEVER have electricity. They know that an Aladdin lamp will work night after night and barely use any of their expensive kerosene.

What about the folks in Alabama (or in New York City and or in my home here in Ohio)? We may not need an Aladdin for months. But, when that rare power failure hits, we know that our Aladdin will be ready to go. No worries about dead batteries. All you need is a match. In fact, we fuel our lamps and clean their wick after every use. That way, we know we can light it on a moment’s notice.

Hanging AladdinTo work, your Aladdin lamp must have a mantle. Without the mantle, it makes very little light. And, right now, through an ugly combination of broken equipment and an unreliable supplier, Aladdin doesn’t have any mantles. And, sorry to say, neither do we.

I recently had the privilege of testing one of the mantles from the prior test production. To read about it and see photos of the new prototype mantle in use, click here.

The latest round of testing focused on the knitting. If you look closely at this photo, you may be able to see the variations in thread size and density on this batch of samples that were just received at Aladdin

Until new mantles are available, handle the mantles you have with extreme care. You see (unlike wicks, which we have no problem getting) the mantles do not “burn up.” They can be used again and again, almost indefinitely. But, they are VERY FRAGILE. Since we can’t get replacements right now, be very gentle!!

When mantles break, it usually occurs during the lighting process. You can help prevent this by leaving the chimney and gallery (which house the mantle) assembled while lighting. Do not remove the chimney, even for cleaning, until replacement mantles are available again. Do not shake or rattle the gallery when you remove it to light the wick. If the mantle becomes blackened with carbon build up, burn the lamp at a low setting until the carbon burns off.

For more trouble shooting tips on Aladdin mantles and burners, click here. For information on how to replace an Aladdin mantle, click here. For a video showing how to light and assemble an Aladdin lamp, click here.

Need bright non-electric light? Here’s a run down on some other excellent options:

Our brightest lamp.
Amish Table Lamp - Our brightest lamp. Requires pumping. Burns Coleman fuel. Tough stainless steel and brass construction. No problem getting mantles for this lamp.
Edward Lamp
Double wick lamp - Popular with Amish families. Twice as bright as single wick lamps. Very simple operation. Burns kerosene.
Falks Gas Lamp
Gas Lights - Wall or ceiling mounted gas lamps require plumbing but are simple to use and very bright. Used and endorsed by many Amish families. Burns LP or natural gas. Mantles are readily available.

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this temporary outage has caused. Aladdin is doing everything possible to restart production. We have complete confidence in mantle technology and continue believe the mantle lights provide the brightest light for the least amount of fuel.

For even more lighting options, visit our website!

Galen Lehman
Galen Lehman, President, Lehman’s

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