Made for Mom, with love and fingerprints.

Oh, the things we made for our Moms for Mother’s Day, often at school, preschool, Sunday School or perhaps just by ourselves. Here are a few photos of some classic “homemade-for-Mom” treasures from our employees. Because that’s what they are, aren’t they: treasures. What are your favorite memories of Mother’s Day gifts, both given and received?

coffee mug

A classic: the homemade mug. This one even looks stable enough to actually use! Lots of other ones may have ended up as cherished pencil and pen holders on desks everywhere.

Giant E

Display them in style. Love this idea! Glenda Lehman Ervin’s husband created this huge wooden “E” as a display shelf for all of Glenda’s homemade items from their children. (Those with last names beginning with “S” … good luck with this project.)


Moment in time: the child’s handprint. They grow so fast!

inside of teapot paper teapot - Heather S.

Vintage artwork, “steeped” in love. Lehman’s Data Specialist Heather made this paper teapot for her mom circa 1980. Love the poem – pick mom’s favorite teabag to staple or tape inside!

stepping stone

Functional art: there are myriad ideas online on making homemade stepping stones. They can even be made in old cake pans! They’re a heartwarming way to decorate mom’s garden and can be enjoyed for years to come.

modern arrangement

When children get a bit older, they can create more advanced Mother’s Day gifts, such as this colored sand arrangement made by Glenda Lehman Ervin’s daughter Allison (also a contributor to this blog). Customize your arrangement with found natural objects such as twigs, branches and dried flowers in mom’s favorite color scheme.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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