Menno Tea: A Story in a Bottle

Tasty, refreshing, and all natural! In stock now at and Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

A couple months ago, we were delighted by a thirst-quenching discovery Menno Tea. The spiffy, glass bottle caught our attention, but it was the first taste that made us fans.

Subtly sweet and soothing with “a hint of mint,” it’s the type of drink that is refreshing (and not overbearing to your taste buds). During a sampling in the Lehman’s office, a whole case of this bottled tea soon disappeared. The response was unanimous and summed up in head nods and the occasional “Wow!

So what makes this beverage so different from the others? Just look at the label.

There are many beverages out on the market today polluted with a long list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce or unrecognizable. (Just take a closer look at that soda or bottled beverage you’re drinking, and you might discover much of the same.) This is not the case with Menno Tea, which only contains five ingredients that’s all. (And may I point out, there is no high fructose corn syrup in it either.)

The ingredients:

  1. Brewed tea in purified water
  2. Sugar
  3. Natural mint flavor
  4. Natural lemon flavor
  5. Citric acid

With just a handful of simple ingredients, it’s quite a refreshing change of pace (and one that tastes great too).

But probably the most unique part of Menno Tea is its story (which can also be found on the label). Two college students in Indiana, Hans Weaver and Niles Graber Miller, created Menno Tea based on a family recipe for an old-time favorite, meadow tea. Meadow tea is quite popular in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and other parts of the Midwest (including here in Ohio). It’s known as a cool, refreshing tea, and it was originally made from wild mint plants that grew along the meadow, hence it’s name. (Though, this home-style recipe has many variations and names as the years have passed.)

Menno Tea is Hans and Niles’ way of bringing a little bit of “home” with them, even when they are away. Perhaps, that is why this tea tastes so good a homemade-like taste, but in a convenient bottle. Their small venture is beginning to grow, way beyond their campus dorms. Menno Tea is now in our store in Kidron, Ohio as well as on (which is the only place you can buy their tea online as of now).

You’ll also notice on the label that with every purchase of Menno Tea, they donate 5 cents to the Everence Sharing Fund “to help people in financial difficulty.”

We think it’s worth the sip (and then some).

If you’d like to read more about Hans and Niles’ story, visit

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