Merry Christmas!

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In the email, you got our official “Merry Christmas” photo. Here’s a photo that isn’t for official publication. The photographer popped a few seconds before we thought she would.

Around the office, we’ve started calling it the “poinsettia head” photo!

Our family is probably a lot like yours. We’ve had some struggles and good times, laughter and tears. But, it’s the laughter and joking around that makes it all worthwhile!

I hope you have a very special time with family this holiday season! Have fun, laugh, make some memories!

Galen Lehman
Galen Lehman, President, Lehman’s

Galen Lehman
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13 years ago

Merry Christmas Lehmans All:

Just as a way of underscoring your timely Christmas message, I wanted to express to you and your employees some appreciative comments from a long time customer. I first ran across one of your catalogs when I was being assigned to Germany with the US Army in 1978 and used your prose and pictures to remind me of family while I looked within the pages and what items I’d love to give to friends and family while overseas. So many of your items were reminiscent of things my mother and grandmother had and I helped use or play with while I was growing up.

I’ve purchased many items from you over the years and in fact during one of my many moves while in the Army, I made a comment in a letter concerning one of my purchases and found at a later date you used my quote in your catalog concerning the Amish-made leather belts you still sell today. I thought that was such a classy thing for you to do.

What really drove your customer service point home to me was in 1991, I was stationed in Atlanta, GA, after returning home from Desert Storm and we had just purchased our first home. We had neighborhood cats who loved using the pet door to our garage and they didn’t always make it outside (If you know what I mean) when the weather was bad. One female in particular didn’t like something on my workbench and made it a point to souse a plastic ice cream tub and lid I had containing small metal items. The position she got into to spray that container must have been the envy of a Yoga Master because it wasn’t just sitting flat on the bench in an easy-to-reach location.

The person who handled my call, your daughter Galen I found out later, went out to see if you had a spray-type urine neutralizer I couldn’t get locally and was an item I ordered previously from you. She said the item was no longer in your catalog but she put me on hold, went out on the store floor, found a good replacement and shipped me the three bottles on hand at the same price of the former catalog item.

Another time I was repairing fireplace glass doors and I couldn’t find the correct heat resistant gasket sealant locally. Although you didn’t carry the item at the time, I told her my problem and she asked if she could call me back after doing some research. She called the next day and said she didn’t carry that item after checking the store but she did have the vendor you used for wood stoves and directed me their way. Galen also made a call ahead about my problem so when I called the stove vendor, stated my issues and mentioned her name, I had the stuff in hand in less than a week. I had that fireplace up and burning within a week after receiving the sealant.

I’ve shopped with you for years, have visited your store in Kidron when passing through and have never had a bad experience. You and your family truly live up to your catalog motto ~~ the Good Neighbor Non-Electric Catalog. I feel as if you are a good neighbor and wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation. I’ve loaned out many of your catalogs and know several friends who have had their eyes opened to your service and merchandise and have made orders.

Thanks for listening and once again, thanks for truly understanding good customer service. I wish for you and yours, a very Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season.


Gary Scher
Stafford, VA
US Army (Retired)

Rhoda Sharon Langham Henson
12 years ago

Merry Christmas to your and yours.

Geneva Wilson
Geneva Wilson
12 years ago

I like the unofficial picture – just proves that you’re family!!! Peace and happiness for the holiday season – and for ever after too!

Willibert Bruhnke
12 years ago

merry chrismas from germany……. ;o)

Nicholas Fury III
Nicholas Fury III
12 years ago

Merry Christmas! May God bless you in the coming year!

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