Ohio’s Best Dressed Farmer!

Ohio's Best Dressed Farmer Making HayWith spring slowly coming, I’ve started thinking about planting, bringing on fresh herd of steers and the rest of the summer chores on my little farm. My Dad, after over 50 years on the job, still works alongside me at Lehman’s. He likes to tease me about being a “telephone farmer.” What he means by this is that every time I have a big job I call someone on the phone to help me.

I admit that it’s true: Most of the big jobs (like baling hay, for example) involve a phone call. I just don’t have time to make hay the old fashioned way, as much as I would like to. So, instead, I call a friend to bring his equipment from the neighboring farm.

I spend most of my day, after all, behind a desk where I spend hours on important tasks like writing for this blog!

The fact that I’m not a “real” farmer is underlined by the fact that what I wear to farm in is old dress clothes from work. This includes dress khaki’s with frayed hems and dress shirts with faded colors. I guess that makes me the best dressed farmer in Ohio!

Whether I’m wearing old dress clothes or a farmers overalls, I’m looking forward to the real pleasure of hard physical work to keep a spring in my step this Spring. After a day of working at a desk, there’s few things more pleasurable than a layer of good, healthy sweat and feeling the burn of fresh calousses forming on my hands!

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