Our Employee Picks for the Perfect Present

Finding the perfect gift can be stressful. Let us help you with suggestions from our employees. With our huge assortment of gardening tools, baking and cooking supplies, home décor, camping and pet products, and toys and food and lamps, you can find something for everyone. And please remember to order early online this year or stop by our on the square in Kidron, where our shelves are full.

Amish Country Popcorn Sampler

“Last year I got my mom the Amish Country Popcorn Sampler. They like popcorn, and I thought they’d like the sampling of different kinds. She said she enjoyed it.”
–Josh, Digital Marketing Specialist

Jigsaw Puzzles


“I suggest jigsaw puzzles for gifts. We have a huge collection to choose from! From floor puzzles for the little ones, to a couple 2000-piece puzzles, and shaped 1000-piece puzzles for the adventurous.”
–Grace, Senior Lead/ Category Manager

Case Russlock Amber Bone


“For my pick, I would choose The Case Russlock Amber Bone Knife for my son-in-law and my grandsons. My son-in-law can use it on the farm and hunting. And it would be a great gift from grandmother when my grandson’s is grown up.”
–Donna, Hardware Category Manager

Old Country Dough Whisk


“I bought the Old Country Dough Whisk for my wife, the most wonderful bread baker in the world.”
–Galen Lehman, President

Garden Bucket and Trowels


“I would go with that garden bucket and trowels. The bucket is lightweight and collapsible, the trowels sturdy and well made, and I know a few gardeners who would love to have these, including my husband.”
–Sofie, Digital Merchandising Buyer

Lehman’s Dazey Butter Churn

“My wife and I tried this butter churn ourselves and were amazed at the taste and higher quality of the butter. We had a picnic and people kept asking where we bought our butter. Once we explained the process and showed them the device, we knew that was the item to get for Christmas. What better way to butter up to family than to give them something that is SATISFYING.”
–Don, Housewares Category Manager

Maine Garden Hod

“My mom loves to garden and I surprised her one year with one of my favorite products from Lehman’s – the Maine Garden Hod. Now she uses it every summer as she gathers her home-grown harvest – it’s so convenient. Plus, she can wash her fresh veggies right in the hod!”
–Sue, Customer Service Team Manager

Sue’s other picks:

Whirley Popcorn Popper



Great family gift and our go to gift for a new couple or housewarming. Our daughters, nine and eight, LOVE helping make popcorn and we love how it makes the house smell like we’re at the movie theatre!”

(Don’t forget the Buttery Canola Oil.)

Traditional Potholder Kit


“Our daughters have this and love making potholders for their grandparents.”

Pakkawood Spoons


“For a family member and his new bride, I wanted to give them something unique but also practical for the kitchen. These spoons are beautiful! (perfect for a wedding gift, too!)”

Merry Corliss Chamber Olive Oil Lamp


“This little, easy-to-use lamp makes a great It burns olive oil, a renewable, inexpensive fuel! Safe since it can’t catch on fire if tipped over–the oil will douse the wick.”

Strawberry Pie Dessert Candle

“Every year, I choose a special item from Lehman’s for my Glenda’s Girlfriend Gift list (college friends across the country). This year, I am getting a mini pie candle for each one. They smell great, look delicious and are a fund-raiser for an organization providing jobs to the disabled. Here’s a hint – if the pie candle gets a bit dusty or is showing fingerprints, take a hair dryer and lightly blow the hot air onto the candle. It will refresh the gel and look as good as new.”
–Glenda Lehman Ervin, Director of Marketing

Still not sure what to give this holiday? Shop our online Christmas store for more great gift ideas.

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