Jerry Cans Are the Ultimate Preparedness – Even Against Lions!

The jerry can (probably) saved me from being eaten by lions! In a disaster or emergency, you’ll be glad you have one, too (even if there are no lions around). Here’s the story.

My father started Lehman’s in 1955, and still works there today. But, from 1960 to 1970, he spent most of his time in Africa, where he provided logistical support to missionaries and disaster aid organizations (known in Africa as “NGO’s”).

We traveled deep into what we called the “bush,” sometimes with 4 wheel drive, but often with whatever was available, even if that meant an ancient VW Beetle. The African bush where we lived is flat, arid grasslands, dotted with scrubby trees and extinct volcanoes. In the dry season, the dirt roads left the car and everything in it (including us) coated with dust as fine as talc. In the rainy season, the roads turned into sucking clay. It took hours to go a few miles, and we usually arrived covered in mud because we had been behind the car pushing half the time.

But, no matter what the weather, there was one constant. Everyone (at least, everyone who didn’t want to be eaten by lions) had at least two spare tires on the roof and a row of steel jerry cans on the back bumper or on the roof rack. Besides the dust and mud, one thing we knew was that the nearest gas station was miles away. So, it was best to be prepared.

Some truths never change. Being prepared means more than food and water. It means having the fuel you need to reach the people you care about and to arrive safely at your destination. Our cans are built to military specs. They survive tough conditions. And, most important, they are what no plastic can is…perfectly rectangular so they nest tightly together. If you want fuel storage that maximizes efficiency and lasts forever, our jerry cans will get you there safely (even when there are lions nearby).

Mount our metal holder to your truck, Jeep or ATV. Your 20-liter Jerry Can fits snugly inside to go anywhere you need it to!
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