Prunning Fruit Trees

It’s time to prune your fruit trees again, if you want large and healthy fruit. In fact, time is already running out if you live in planting zones numbered six or above.

Prunning trees

Here’s some tips:

– Start by cutting off every branch that grows straight up. They seldom bear fruit.
– Now that you can see into the overall health of the tree, remove anything that shows signs of disease, missing bark or is dead.
– Next, remove every branch that grows toward the center of the tree.
– Finally, remove any branches that are left that cross the path of another branch.

I grow dwarf trees. I intend to pick without a ladder, so I remove every branch whose tip I can’t reach.

On my more mature trees, I remove every branch within a foot or two of the center of the tree. This allows lots of sun into the center of the tree.

How to cut? First, use a good pruner with sharp cutting edges. Cut about 1/4″ above bud points or close to the trunk. Always cut at an angle.

A well pruned tree will always bear fruit. I inherited my love of fruit trees from my Dad, who got it from his Dad. Grandpa’s pruning advice was simple. Prune until you think you’re going to kill the tree. Then, prune some more.

Like shedding the bad habits of life, it’s not always easy. But, ending a bad always makes us a better person.

Pictured with me in the photo is my trusty garden cart. I’ve owned that cart for over 20 years. I’ve hauled firewood through a foot of snow. Moved fill dirt from one side of my lot to the other. Carried tons of manure out of the barn with very little effort. I did all these things without starting the tractor or breaking my back. It’s a great piece of equipment I heartily recommend for any size lot! Click here for more information.

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