Richness in a Wood Stove

Did you know that a wood stove can make you rich?

My husband built our house with the help of my father-in-law, our sons, and a teensy little bit from me…. mostly providing drinks and snacks. We built from the ground up according to our own plans and how we wanted to style our lives.

One thing I always regretted was the decision not to put in a wood stove.  At the time, we discussed it, we thought about the messes that bringing in wood can make.  We considered the days of going out in the cold winter to bring in stacks of wood, chopping kindling and all that stuff.  We decided against it and moved on with our plans.

However even with all “that stuff”  I missed having a stove to stoke!   I grew up with a wood stove and I missed the type of heat, and the homey feeling that a wood stove can provide.  I like building a fire and there was always a feeling of regret.  Of course I’m not the one out in the cold winters hauling in wood and kindling!  However I have four sons…. what are sons for?

A couple of years ago we decided to rectify that little gap in our home.   We looked around, chose a certain corner in the living room.  Moving some furniture and the piano created the perfect spot for our stove to fit in.

In true do-it-yourself fashion,  my husband and I built the needed fireproof flooring according to safety specs.  My husband cut holes in all the appropriate places and installed the stove and chimney, our boys helping as needed.

The day came and as we were lighting up the stove for the first time, the boys gathered around their dad.  They watched as he arranged some newspaper and added kindling.

As the fire caught and the flames grew bigger one of my sons exclaimed, “Are we rich now? I feel rich!”

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