See Our Tiny House Garden Grow

As the sun bathes the Amish countryside in warm summer light, it’s hard not to bask in the beauty of the thriving gardens and lush green fields surrounding our Kidron store. We’re lucky enough to be able to showcase a fraction of that beauty in our garden center located by Lehman’s Tiny House. Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve been working on:

Fresh Flowers, Vibrant Veggies, It’s Garden Time!Flower garden leading to our Tiny House

From blooming perennials to hearty sunflowers, this year we’ve painted our tiny homestead with a vibrant array of flowers. We’ve revamped all our flower beds, planters, and hanging baskets so no space is without color. During your visit, you’ll be able to find unique ways to put a touch of nature’s artistry almost anywhere in your outside living space.Raised gardens in Tiny House garden

This year we’re also showcasing the joy and ease of gardening in raised beds by utilizing them for a lavish herb garden and luscious veggie gardens. Our lima beans, carrots and cucumbers are sprouting, and they are on track to be bountiful this harvest season. Here at Lehman’s, we believe there’s only one thing better than fresh vegetables: Vegetables we grew ourselves! (Don’t forget to check out our selection of gardening essentials on our website.)

Try It Before You Buy It:

If you’ve planted a garden this year, you’re going to need some tools to help you out. This growing season, you’ll be able to check out some of our favorite garden helpers in action. From raised beds, to watering pots, and bean towers, you’ll find nothing short of pure garden inspiration.Tomato cages in raised garden bed

Think you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and be a tiny homesteader? Put your skills to the test and try out our various water pumps. Who knows? It might be easier than you think. Water pumps in the gardenDon’t forget to try out our reel mower as well. It’s a little more effort than a traditional push mower, but you’ll be satisfied knowing that effort made for a beautiful patch of grass. (Plus, you don’t have to worry about the mower not starting since it runs on pure manpower.)Reel mower in garden area

Everything You Need for Your Flying Friends!

Protect your outdoor space and garden from troublesome pests the natural way. Bats feed on mosquitos, flies, and other insects that are harmful to your garden and you. We are lucky enough to have these Amish-crafted bat houses so our friendly garden protectors have a place to nap after they’re done eating those pesky bugs. These bat houses help attract bats year after year, so you know your outdoor space will be protected.Our Amish-made bat house

We didn’t forget about our other flying friends! The bird houses we have on display are Amish made and add a touch of whimsy as they attract and house our song-filled, feathered friends. (How fun is this moose-shaped bird house? See it hanging from our tiny house during your trip to Lehman’s this summer.) With our many bird feeders and bird houses to attract various song birds, our garden center not only looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful as well.Our Amish-made moose house

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