The Best Products of 2021

As we countdown to the new year, we’re looking back at the very best of 2021, including our products. Here are our top ten products of 2021.

1. Canning Jar Lids – Regular Mouthcanning jar lids

Engineered to be the highest quality lids available, these regular-mouth canning lids have a specially formulated adhesive that is thicker and wider to seal on virtually all jars (always follow USDA recommendations when canning). And…they are locally made near us in Ohio!

2. Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil – 64 oz

Keep your lamp burning brighter, cleaner and longer when you stock up with the Aladdin lamp oil. Distilled for purity, it burns with so little odor that it’s undetectable for most people. (Kerosene can leave an oily, unpleasantly chemical odor.)

3. 11qt Mehu-Maija Steam Juicersteam juicer

Make delicious artisanal batches of wine and juices right at home on your stovetop with this steam juicer. Easy to use, just drop fruit in top chamber (grapes on the stem, apple quarters, whole berries), then fill bottom chamber with water and boil. The juice concentrate collects in the center chamber. Empty your juice into a glass to enjoy right away or store it for a special event using the included drain hose and clamp.

4. Mole Chasing Windmill

Our mole chasing windmill is one of the most humane mole deterrents that you’ll find. Moles disfigure lawns with their tunnels, kill young plants by nibbling on their roots and eat the gardener’s best friend, the earthworm. The spinning blades of the Mole Chasing Windmill drive them away by sending vibrations through the ground. Moles can’t stand this, and soon leave your yard in search of a more tranquil environment.

5. Large Deluxe Spinning Clothes Dryerdeluxe spinning clothes dryer

Hang your family’s entire wash load while standing in one place! This unique dryer gently spins, so hanging laundry is effortless. It also uses far less space than a traditional clothesline, making it ideal for those with small yards.

6. Premium Wooden Clothes Drying Rack

Save money on your electric bill with a beautifully crafted wooden drying rack from Lehman’s. You’ll also get maximum drying space with our hardwood-framed clothes drying rack! Use it indoors or outdoors to dry your clothes without needing electricity. This product is collapsible for easy storage and will extend the life of your clothing by gently air drying your clothes and linens.

7. Amish-Made Stovetop Water Bath Canneramish made water bath canner

Our stainless steel stovetop water bath canners are handcrafted locally by the Amish and built with large gardens in mind. They are the largest, most durable stainless water bath canners we’ve found. Perfect for peaches, tomatoes, pears, pickles and more.

8. The Blue Viper Conduit / Trenching Shovel

Need to dig a trench? Here’s a faster, cleaner solution. Thanks to its narrow design, the Blue Viper Shovel is perfect for installing and burying conduit, wires, piping or for drainage. You can even control the depth of the trench. Just adjust the unique depth control pin, so you can dig to a uniform depth (4″, 8″, 12″, or 16″).

9. Harvest Stainless Steel Canner and Stockpotharvest canner and stockpot

This nifty canner can be used as a water bath canner, steam canner or stockpot. Temperature dial on lid tells you when to start your processing time. 20 qt capacity. Holds 7 quart or 8 pint jars.

10. Country Living Grain Mill

With over three decades of proven quality, the USA made Country Living Grain mill gives you premium grinding ability at a mid-range price. Its industrial strength and ease of use set it apart from similarly sized mills on the market today. If you are searching for a consistent and high quality non-electric grain mill, the Country Living Grain Mill will certainly exceed expectations.

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