When The Lights Go Out

evening lampEditor’s Note: Shorter days, longer nights? It’s that time of the year! With the time change happening this weekend, we’re sharing with you the importance of having reliable light – not only for the winter season, but for all year long.*

My first experience with an oil lamp was at my grandparents’ house several years ago. We were sitting in the basement playing Scrabble (my grandpa’s favorite game) when suddenly the lights went out. Poof.

If you have ever been in a room without windows and no light, well, then you know – it’s almost impossible to see.

My grandma calmly got up from the card table and made her way to the far corner of the room where a lonely oil lamp sat. It was a simple, clear glass table lamp they’ve had for years, no bells or whistles, but when my grandma lit the wick, that little lamp put out a welcoming light, bright enough for us to resume our Scrabble game.

There’s a reason oil lamps and lanterns have been around for centuries. Besides being simple to use – which is a big plus in my opinion – they give you dependable light whenever you need it. 

Power outages?
Going off the grid? 

Yep, they’ll be there ready to give you bright light. No outlets or cords required.

Non-electric lighting is like insurance for the unexpected. It’s nice to know that if that winter storm heads your way or if your local power lines go down, you’ll still have enough light to get by.

If you’re using an oil lamp or lantern for the first time, check out our how-to videos below.

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Let there be light!

*Article originally published in January 2018.