5 Amish Country Foods You Need To Try

amish fry pie sampler
Read below to find our top five picks of Amish Country food. Spoiler alert: They include fry pies!

Here in Ohio’s Amish Country, home cooking and baking are a staple. Our area is built around hearty, made-from-scratch meals. (If you ever have the chance, stop by one of the many local Amish food restaurants and you’ll see what I mean – you won’t walk away hungry!)

My out-of-state cousin once told me that people around here seem to eat a lot of potatoes. This may be true, but beyond the ordinary helping of mash potatoes and noodles are some unique foods to our area. And yes, they’re mouthwatering good.

1. Trail Bologna

trail bologna
Available at Lehmans.com or in our Ohio store 

Living in this area all my life, I grew up on trail bologna as a special snack for get-togethers, usually when my family gathered for a movie or a game of cards. It took me years later to discover that trail bologna isn’t known everywhere.

Its name comes from the place where it was first created over 100 years ago – Trail, Ohio. Impressively, it’s still made by the same family, now in their fourth generation. For those of you that have never heard of trail bologna, it’s much different than the traditional bologna you’re probably thinking of. Our trail bologna is made with beef and all-natural ingredients, but it gets its delicious flavor from being smoked over hickory wood with a blend of seasonings.

It comes in a ring and needs sliced before enjoying. We sell it with Lacey Baby Swiss cheese, which tastes so good together!

Fun Fact: We occasionally serve trail bologna sandwiches in our store at our Cast Iron Café. It’s a favorite of Founder Jay Lehman.

2. Whoopie Pies

maple whoopie pies
Find a variety of whoopie pies, like Maple Cream (pictured above). Available at Lehmans.com

There are mixed stories of where whoopie pies first originated. Some folks around here claim they were invented by the Amish who call these treats “globs.” While we can’t say for sure, we do know that whoopie pies are a popular treat in Amish Country.

Our whoopie pies are made fresh in a local bakery with a sweet, fluffy filling sandwiched between two soft, homemade cookies. We now offer a variety of whoopie pies, including new seasonal flavors, like peppermint and pumpkin.

3. Fry Pies

amish lemon fry pies
See all our flavors of fry pies at Lehmans.com

Whenever there is a fundraiser in the Amish community, usually you’ll find fry pies as part of the event. Some folks compare these tasty desserts to turnovers or mini pies, but what we love about them is no fork is needed to enjoy. Just pick them up and eat.

Made by a local bakery with their own pie filling and homemade dough, they are fried then sealed with a sweet vanilla-flavored glaze.

4. Chocolate Buckeyes

chocolate buckeyes
Our chocolate buckeyes are hand-dipped by local chocolatiers! Available at Lehmans.com or in our Ohio store

These candies are a delicious state-wide tradition that combines creamy peanut butter fudge dipped in chocolate…your sweet tooth will rejoice.

Fun Fact: Their name comes from Ohio’s state tree and even resemble a buckeye nut. 

5. Fruit Fritters

cherry fritters
Cherry and apple fritters are available at Lehmans.com

Big appetites will love our fruit fritters (the name alone is fun to say!). While fruit fritters aren’t exclusive to our area, they sure are a popular pastry in this neck of the woods. Our local bakers pack these large pastries with chunks of fried fruit, then top them off with a sweet, tasty glaze.

Discover more of our baked goods and treats here – just in time for upcoming holiday meals!

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