6 Unique Wedding or Shower Gifts

It’s wedding season! Here are our favorite creative ideas for gifts that go way beyond the big box stores or online registries. Some are gifts we love to give, and some are ones we got for our own weddings and are still using decades later.

  1. Pottery mixing bowl – Every cook needs one of these. For mixing dough, batter, serving salads, pasta dishes, even popcorn or snacks! Hand-turned at a family-owned pottery in Texas, each one has its own character. Fill it with essential or unusual kitchen utensils, wrap in a big, soft flour sack towel and tie with a pretty bow. Always a hit! 

  2. More With Less Cookbook + kitchen essentials: This is my go-to gift for a bridal shower. I got one of these great cookbooks before I was married, and despite our current era of tablets and endless online recipe sites, I use it regularly for my family of 5. There are lots of great international recipes to try, too – and very helpful thrifty hints for new cooks. I usually dress it up by wrapping it in a pretty baking dish and a few kitchen linens or utensils. They’ll love it!

  3. Popcorn For 2: A big bowl, filled with non-GMO popcorn and all the fixins. Movie night at home for the happy couple!

  1. Pottery Water Cooler– Another great gift for a new couple, especially as their family grows! It’s one of those items you’ll be shocked at how often you use. Parties, cookouts, gatherings, potlucks…the list goes on and on. It’s so much more charming than a big plastic cooler. You can also fill it with water daily and keep it right on your countertop for cool water anytime. Friends and relatives often ask to borrow this from me for their own parties. One reviewer on Lehmans.com said, “Hot chocolate for the family in the winter, punch at the family get together, ice water in the summer, I LOVE it!”

  1. Buggy Robe– Far and away the warmest blanket I own. The newlyweds will use it at home (see popcorn/movie night above) AND take it as a picnic blanket to that outdoor concert, to wrap up in at the football game, for impromptu star gazing in the yard, etc. etc. etc.. Choose from three rich colors. Very unique, locally made by the Amish – they won’t get another one of these! 

  1. Picnic Basket– Something not many people think to give. But if you have one, you’ll use it! These are just gorgeous, hand-woven by local Amish artisans just a few miles from our store, and are made to last. Want to wrap something a little smaller? Give a hand-woven serving tray. Pair it with some country-inspired mason jar mugs, some napkins and a one-of-a-kind snack!

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