Fast, Yummy Apple Butter: Customer Shares Her Secret!


“Here’s a good, fast idea,” said the handwritten note. “Thanks.” This easy way to make apple butter (or sauce) came to us penned on a simple note card, via snail mail. We’re sharing it with you.

Pressure Cooker Apple Butter


  • Your favorite apples (recipe did not specify but our estimate is about 10 pounds, or about 30 medium apples)
  • Red Hot cinnamon candies
  • White sugar
  • Water


Peel and slice apples and place them in a 6-Qt pressure cooker. Sprinkle 3/4 cup red hot cinnamon candies (more or less to taste) and 1/2 cup sugar (again, more or less to taste) over the apples. Sprinkle 1 cup water over all. Put on the lid and place over heat. Let the pressure go up, then turn off. When the pressure is back down, pour apples in a blender and puree until smooth.

With this method you can enjoy fresh, warm apple butter in a few minutes instead of hours. Try it and let us know how it works! And, thanks to loyal customer Bertha K. from Indiana for sharing this helpful tip.

A pressure cooker is a faster way to cook – 70 percent quicker than traditional cooking. Plus, it’s healthier: veggies retain more color, flavor, even their healthy vitamins and minerals since less liquid is needed. At

Warm apple butter spread thick on a piece of homemade bread: now that’s food for royalty!


Love apple butter? Try ours – it’s already made for you (we even have a no sugar added variety). Hankering for something different? Try our rich pumpkin butter, for a delightful change of pace.


Want something even more unique? Try these:


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