Behind The Scenes With Our Newest Glassware

Making a cake stand
A lot of care goes into the making of our newest glassware. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the family business who makes them. (Photo courtesy of Mosser Glass)

There is something so beautiful about handmade items. Maybe part of their beauty comes from living in a fast-paced, machine-driven world where quantity and speed seem to dominate. Anymore, the art of making something with your two hands almost seems uncommon, lost. But generations ago, making goods by hand was the norm, the tried-and-true way of crafting something of quality.

That is what makes our newest products so special.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Mosser Glass. This family-owned and -operated business resides in our neck of the woods, in good old Ohio where they continue a 40+ year tradition of making hand-pressed glass. Yep, by hand.

Their glassware ranges from kitchen tools and dinnerware to stunning lamps and lights. And just like most handmade goods, this glassware comes with a rich tradition that makes it even more impressive.

Electric Hummingbird Lamp
We are in love with their Hummingbird Lamp! Look at the detail of the painted glass shade. Now available at

Making the Glass

Made in the USA, each piece is crafted following a time-honored method – from using cast iron molds to polishing and annealing the glass.

Making Mosser Glass
(Photo courtesy of Mosser Glass)

What’s so interesting about the whole process (and equally impressive) is the detail that goes into it.

Mosser Glass
(Photo courtesy of Mosser Glass)

After the cast iron molds are properly heated, a person called the gatherer brings the glass out of the furnace. Then, the molten glass is pressed into the pattern of the cast iron molds.

Making Mosser Glass
Each piece they make is hand-pressed. (Photo courtesy of Mosser Glass)

But it doesn’t stop there. There’s the hardening process, where they let the glass properly cool. Then polishing and annealing (which the latter takes 3.5 hours alone!). Every step ensures that you get a product that you’ll love. And it’s why their glassware is so stunning.

Take a look…

Cake Stand

Cake Stand
Simple, gleaming milk glass displays any cake beautifully. Available at

Glimmer Lights

Glimmer Lights
Just add a tealight to enjoy a soft glow. Different colors available at

Vintage-Style Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers
This set will add a classic, retro look to your table. Available at

You can find our full selection of Mosser Glass here. Enjoy!


JennyJenny Smith is the editor of the Country Life Blog and the Digital Content Specialist for Lehman’s. It’s not unusual to find oil lamps, canning jars and freeze-dried food on her desk. She is an avid reader, card maker and dog lover. In fact, she is currently teaching her three-year-old Golden Retriever to not take her shoes. It’s an ongoing battle.


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