Grandma’s Butter Churn is Back, And Totally Cool

We can all agree that there’s a modern disconnect between us and our food. We’ve simply forgotten what goes into it, and where it comes from. One of our favorite stories from our store happened as a staff member was demonstrating our most popular butter churn. The clear glass jar was filled with cream, and she was churning away when a little girl stopped to watch with her mother. They oohed, ahhed and then wandered away. A little while later, after the cream had turned to butter, the little girl returned to the area and exclaimed, “Oh, I missed it! When did you put in the butter?”

Glass Butter Tub
Glass Butter Tub

People are yearning to remember how their food is made, and taking it one step further, they want to do it themselves. Think you have to live in the country and own cows or goats to make your own butter? Think again! Even if your closest access to fresh cream is the grocery store (and let’s face it, that’s most of us), making your own fresh butter is incredibly easy. So easy, in fact, that it’s one of those things that will make you think, “Why have I never done this before? I don’t need the grocery store for this? Hey, I don’t need to buy this! Freedom!!”

Homemade butter requires two ingredients: fresh cream, and cold water. (And, if you like, a little salt.) That’s it – really. 

Lehman’s carries some very nifty butter-making and butter-serving accessories, but if you’re ready to make more than just a little, we must recommend the best churn we sell – the Dazey.

Proven and Beloved For Over a Century

Long revered as the best churn available, we’ve been able to bring the Dazey back into production after a lengthy hiatus. First made in 1906, we’ve updated the time-proven design so only glass and stainless steel touch your cream. Plus, a better paddle design means the churning cycle (the time it takes for the cream to turn to butter) is up to 20% shorter than with the old Dazeys. Yes, that means your butter is ready sooner!

Read more about the meticulous redesign of our Dazey churn here.

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1 year ago

[…] while an up-and-down paddle movement was used to produce butter. The other item is a glass butter Dazey churn that belonged to my grandmother. It would have held closer to a gallon of cream and produced butter […]

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