Hypnotizing Turkeys

Last year I blogged about hypnotizing chickens. Recently, I visited a friend with a small homestead farm. As the 10 or so guys in our group sat around the kitchen table, I found myself talking about the phenomena. Guys being guys, I was immediately challenged.

“Prove it!” they said.

Little did they know what fate beheld them.
Little did they know that one of them would soon be in a trance.

I immediately felt butterflies in my stomach. It was, after all, only a story I’d heard. I had no idea if it was true. Furthermore, he had only a small herd of free-range turkeys to work with…no chickens.

But, the die was cast. I’d set myself up for a big fall with my bragging. I now had no choice but to accept the ridicule or amazement that would follow if I tried to prove it.

You can see the results for yourself on youtube. Check it out by clicking here!

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Sarah Nussbaum
15 years ago

This is hilarious! Definitely a “must-see” video. :)

1 year ago

[…] UPDATE! Click here to see it happen! […]

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