Lehman’s Has The Heirloom Seeds You Want!

Heirloom seeds in packets from Lehmans.com.
Choose from a variety of heirloom seeds at Lehmans.com or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

As many of you may have noticed, we’ve started thinking spring here at Lehman’s Country Life! (Just because Ohio’s buried in snow and cold doesn’t mean we can’t dream…) Right now, many of our readers in the South and West are starting their gardens, and are ready to start seeds, and may even be considering getting cool-weather plants in the ground.

When you’re starting to plant, you can’t pick anything finer than heirloom seeds–unless those seeds are certified USDA organic. We’re pleased that you can choose from our extensive group of heirloom seeds here at Lehman’s, with many certified organic! This year, we’re pleased to add seven new varieties–they’re conveniently grouped at the end of the list.

Take a look at the list below, and then visit Lehmans.com to order your favorites!

Dragon's Tongue Bean Pods
Dragon’s Tongue Dutch Wax Beans have gorgeous pods! In stock now at Lehmans.com.

#112-6315 Dragon’s Tongue Bean (50)
#112-6325 Lazy Housewife Bean* (50)
#112-6330 Empress Bean* (50)
#115-5430 Kentucky Wonder Bush Bean (50)
#112-6350 Dragon Carrot (250)
#121-3715 Danvers Carrot* (250)
#112-6370 Premium Late Flat Dutch Cabbage (50)
#112-6400 Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce (250)
#112-6405 Seed Savers Lettuce Mixture (250)
#112-6410 Yugoslavian Red Butterhead Lettuce* (250)
#112-8995 Grandpa Admire’s Lettuce* (250)
#112-6415 Amish Snap Pea (100)
#112-6420 Lacinato Kale* (100)
#112-6430 Amish Muskmelon* (25)
#112-6445 5 Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard* (100)
#112-6455 Golden Zucchini (25)
#112-6475 German Pink Tomato (50)
#112-6485 Martino’s Roma Tomato* (25)
#115-5445 Mortgage Lifter Tomato (Halladay’s)* (25)
#115-4835 Amish Paste Tomato (50)
#112-6500 Moon & Stars Watermelon (Van Doren)* (25)
#112-6535 Mixed Colors Broomcorn (100)
#112-6570 Bull Nose Bell Pepper (Sweet) (50)
#112-8955 Calabrese Broccoli (50)
#112-9025 French Breakfast Radish* (250)
#115-4580 Bushy Cucumber* (25)
#112-6375 Double Yield Cucumber* (25)
#115-4600 Golden Bantam Sweet Corn* (100)
#115-4755 Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry* (50)
#115-4765 Bull’s Blood Beet (100)
#115-4805 Titan Sunflower (50)
#124-6925 Three Heart Lettuce* (250) NEW!
#128-0240 Holland White Cucumber* (25) NEW!
#128-0245 Jaune du Doubs Carrot (250) NEW!
#128-0250 Little Potato Cucumber (50) NEW!
#128-0255 White Cherry Tomato (50) NEW!
#128-0260 Black Cherry Tomato* (25) NEW!
#128-0925 Rhubarb Red Swiss Chard* (100) NEW!

Numbers in parenthesis note seeds per pack. Organic Seeds indicated by *

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