On the Line: Our Staff’s Laundry Favorites

Laundry. Let’s face it, we all have to do it. And some of us have to do a LOT of it. Lehman’s searches far and wide to find the best time-honored supplies to make those loads a little easier – and save you some money, too.

Many times that means old-fashioned solutions your grandmother relied on to get her family’s laundry fresh and clean. Often these tools require no electricity, just a little “people power,” and lots are also what we nowadays call  “all-natural.” 

At Lehman’s, we love our products so much we all use them, too. Here are some of our staff’s favorite laundry supplies:

Homemade Laundry Soap Starter Set & Wool Dryer Balls:
I bought our laundry soap starter set before my husband and I got married in November of 2015. I haven’t had to replace any of the items in the kit yet and I don’t think we’ll have to for a long time! I also recently started using the wool dryer balls, which have completely eliminated any need to purchase fabric softener or dryer sheets. I’ve saved so much money between these two purchases and highly recommend and love them both. – Kelsey, Accounting

Wool Dryer Balls:
They save me money! I’ve used mine for probably 4-5 years. The same set! They have no fragrance or chemicals for those sensitive to those things.They make your clothes soft, too. – Shelley, Merchandising Assistant

They seem to lessen the drying time, and they don’t have any chemicals in them. Plus they last forever! – Alyssa, Purchasing

Accordian Wall Clothes Dryer:
A traditional drying rack would last about 5 minutes in our house with a 90 pound German Shepherd and a 25 pound Sheltie following close behind. The Accordion Wall Clothes Dryer is a perfect solution for me. Laundry is kept off the floor and the rack will not become a casualty of Gus and Simon’s over-zealous play time.  – Michelle, Digital Marketing Specialist

Pulley Clothesline:
I wash my clothes and step out onto the deck…never get my feet wet in the grass and I can hang all my clothes standing in one spot. Since my washer is on the main level and the ground drops away in the back of the house, long items, such as sheets and blankets can hang down and never touch the ground!  Very cool!  – Amy, Kitchen Category Manager

I love solar laundry drying. The clothes always smell fresh and clean like the outdoors. I can stand  in one spot with my basket of wet clothes and pin and pull the items. When I take the laundry down, I stand in the same place and fold. I’ve been using this system for 11 yrs. – BJ, Visitor Support Specialist/Decorator

12-Strand Brass Clothesline:
I love the 12-strand brass clothesline.  We’ve had some installed outside for summer drying, in our basement for drying clothes in the winter, and in our garage for in between times. – Jeananne, Customer Service

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