Mother’s Day Social (Distancing): Creative Ideas to Surprise Mom

homemade mothers day cardThis year has been filled with new and different experiences for all of us. Granted, most of these new and different experiences are ones we probably could have done without. That doesn’t mean that we need to cancel or forget about the events that bring us joy, though. With the coronavirus changing almost every aspect of how we go about our daily lives, it’s important that we take some time each day to do something that makes us feel normal. And with spring having just arrived, one way I plan on not letting the quarantine put a damper on my days is to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom.

We don’t know for sure that this quarantine will last all the way until that date, of course. But, it makes me feel better to have a plan, just in case it does. I am lucky enough to be quarantining with my mom in her house, so I get to spend this Mother’s Day with her. Sure, it still won’t be a completely “normal” Mother’s Day, since stores and restaurants aren’t open. But I’ve come up with some ideas for how to treat your mom to something nice and stay close to her, despite the circumstances. I’ve made some lists of things you can do with your mom if you’re quarantining with her, and also things you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day if you aren’t able to be with your mother.

Mother’s Day ideas for quarantining with your mom

Give a gift card. An excellent gift idea is a gift card or certificate to somewhere your mom loves to go, so she can enjoy it after the quarantine lifts. This is an especially thoughtful gift if you purchase it from a small, local business that might be struggling financially in these times. I would humbly suggest a gift card to Lehman’s, since they have such a huge assortment of products. 

Breakfast in bed. A classic Mother’s Day treat, you can think outside the box and make her something with what you have around the house. Put your chef hat on and get creative!

Take a flower walk.daughter and mom picking flowersWalk around your neighborhood or town and collect small wildflowers, blossoming branches, and twigs from flowering bushes to create a homemade bouquet right from her own surroundings!

Make something. Quarantine is the perfect time to get crafty. Make your mom a lovely card with whatever supplies you can find.

Have a board game competition with the whole family. You can come up with small prizes for winning and silly punishments for losing. You could even come up with your own board game, draw it out, and play that instead!

Cook for Mom. For dinner, make your mom a menu of options she can choose from. Every item on the menu will be something you already have the necessary ingredients for in your home. She orders from her menu, you cook, she enjoys!

Write a tribute. Take some time to write her a special poem, haiku, or short story.

Make your mom a recipe book. Fill it with all your favorite things that she’s cooked for you.

Order a gift. How about a piece of pottery or baking supplies? (Ordered online, of course.)

Mother’s Day ideas for quarantining without your mom

Send a homemade gift.homemade gifts for momSpend some time before Mother’s Day preparing a special, homemade gift, and then send it to her in the mail so that she gets it on Mother’s Day. Make sure it’s packaged well so it doesn’t get damaged.

Surprise her with flowers. Order a flower delivery for her.

Order takeout. Send her favorite meal to her, via delivery.

Have a video call with the whole family. During this call, you can just talk, or you can do something like a virtual painting party, where everyone gets out their art supplies and you all create together, even when you’re apart.

Take a painting class together, virtually. There are virtual painting classes you can take with your mom over video chat.

Set up a video meal. Get everyone to video chat at the same time, and then set the devices up for a “family meal”.

Talk and reminisce. Call your mom and reminisce with her about your favorite old times together.

Self deliver a gift safely, of course. If you live somewhat near your mom, you could safely and carefully drop a package or gift on her doorstep. As long as you’re gone by the time she opens the door, and your package is properly clean, then this is a healthy way to give her something “in person”.

Watch your favorite show together, virtually. Video chat your mom and have each of you put on a show you both enjoy. Then, watch the show with each other on video chat, so you can talk about it as if you’re together.

Do something in your mom’s honor that will make her happy. For my mom, this would probably mean making a donation to a charity she supports, or planting a tree in a park because she loves nature.


Allison ErvinAllison Ervin, granddaughter of company founder Jay Lehman, is passionate about the powerless – children, animals and anyone in need. A freshman at Kent State majoring in international business with a minor in non-profit management, she has served in Indonesia and Central America, teaching English in daycare centers and orphanages. A committed vegetarian, when not studying or cat-cuddling, Allison enjoys painting, listening to the latest music, and thrifting (shopping at thrift and vintage stores).

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