The Satisfaction of Heating with Wood

Editor’s Note: The following article comes to us from Scott Ervin, husband of Glenda Lehman Ervin (VP of Marketing and daughter of company founder Jay Lehman). He shares with us his experience and joy of heating with wood.

by Scott Ervin

Every summer I spent several weeks at my grandparent’s house in Michigan. Growing up as a “city boy,” I treasured those times. I remember going fishing early in the morning, cooking out over an open fire, grandma’s one-of-a-kind butter rolls but most of all, I remember the smell of grandpa’s

He had a massive fireplace in the basement, which also housed his workshop. I am talking massive – as a child I could stand inside the opening. He would hang a large copper pot over the fire and make stew or chili. After a few hours, the entire house would have the smell of wood smoke, along with simmering soup.

A few weeks ago my wife, Glenda, and I were at an old inn/tavern with several wood-burning fireplaces. As soon as I walked in, I remembered grandpa’s house and that warm, inviting smell. As we were having dinner together, Glenda and I talked about the memories that a smell can bring back and I realized again how satisfying it is to heat with wood.

I have heated with wood for the past 30 years. The entire process, from chopping, stacking and hauling the wood, to loading the firewood, to watching my family gather around the stove to enjoy the heat, makes me happy.

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Sure, it’s a lot of work, but it’s cheaper than a gym membership. When the family feels warm and safe, it gives me a sense of achievement and fulfillment. And that’s what I call a labor of love.

Scott’s Six Reasons to Heat with Wood
1) It’s a renewable resource. We live in a woods and the downed trees make perfect firewood.

2) It warms you to the bone. The dry, radiant heat from my stove reminds me of the heat from the sun.

3) I’m in charge. I like being in control of how warm my house is, and not relying on the power company for heat.

4) It’s cheaper. We used our wood stove as a secondary heat source for years, even experimented with the stove as our sole heating source one winter. It saved us hundreds of dollars.

5) It’s satisfying. Watching the family gather around the stove to read, snack or sleep makes me smile.

6) It’s perfect for drying wet clothes. After a day of sledding or skating, we try the mittens and socks by the fire for two reasons. A) they are warm and dry when you need them the next time B) you can always find them!

Note: Originally published in September 2017.

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8 months ago

We have almost completed our off grid home (with everything from Lehman’s of course).We built and designed a separate cook room to house the most important investment of the entire project, The pioneer Princess. In the winter (we) heat the home, cook the food and heat our water (wash and domestic) all at the same time! During the summer we use it everyday to cook our food and heat our water (wash and domestic). Because it’s in its own “cook room” it doesn’t heat the house in the summer because we close the French doors to the cook room. Thank you for the article Scott E. And thank you Lehman’s for making our journey possible and dreams possible! Aaron Escue

Reply to  Aaron
8 months ago

Thanks for the great comment, Aaron!

7 months ago

I love my wood burning stoves as well- but my setup is slightly different. Here in AZ it’s too hot to have the stove IN the house- so we have a winter kitchen-(inside) and a summer kitchen (outside) on the back porch… it’s so nice! It just seems to gravitate where the family is at!

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