A Simpler, Sustainable Life. Even When The Chips Are Down.

Nothing is more sustainable than human-powered activity, quality tools that can be repaired by their owners and ingredients that come from places you know.

A Simpler Life is sustainable during a two-hour power failure, in the face of weeks without electricity, or when you live completely off the grid.

Our Amish friends and customers give us important insights on what real sustainability means. They choose a Simpler Life that treads lightly on nature and frees them from reliance on a complicated, costly and often unreliable infrastructure. No electric grid? It’s no problem for the Amish. No running water? They’ve got it covered. Phone systems and communications down? They can live just fine without them.

Their lifestyles are sustainable because they are prepared! They decide what is important and plan for it. That means gardening with heirloom, non-GMO seeds. It means being ready for bad weather, with home-canned food, non-electric lighting and wood for your stove. It means not relying on infrastructure that might not be reliable, or government bureaucracy that may be disinterested or uncaring.

Prepare For A Simpler Life…one that is sustainable. Choose well-made, human-powered tools. Keep a supply of good food on hand. Choose wood fuel, a renewable resource. Start today!

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