Make YOUR Summer Sizzle: Master Skills For A Simpler Life!

There’s never been a better time to visit our store! Our summer class schedule is packed with informative, entertaining sessions designed to help you discover and master simpler living skills. In fact, we have doubled the number of events we’re offering compared to last year. And with our lineup of stellar instructors, you’re guaranteed to learn AND have some fun, too. Here are some highlights we can’t wait for!

Saturday, June 3: Root Beer Tasting
This one is pure fun – but some know-how, too! We have dozens of different root beers in our old-time Soda Pop Shoppe, and our root beer expert will offer several for tasting, complete with snacks to cleanse your palate. Learn which types fit with different meals. Impress your friends with your root beer expertise, and learn to host a root beer tasting party of your own!

Friday, June 16: The Thrill of the Grill
Get ready, get set, get grilling! Learn hot new tips and hone your skills with Lehman’s expert grillers. From start to finish, we’ll show you what it takes to create the most mouthwatering grilled meals. Class members will cook and bake different foods at several grilling stations. This comprehensive class will also cover proper operating procedures for grills; types of grills and fuels; how to prepare/cook/smoke/bake different kinds of delectable foods; and of course, how to savor your grilled masterpieces.

Saturday, June 24: Intermediate Canning Class
Learn why and how to can food at home, from a true expert and veteran canner. OSU Extension Agent Melinda Hill brings decades of experience to our Homemade 101 classroom! Whether you’ve never canned before or simply want to brush up on your skills, Melinda’s got you covered. Topics of this class will include the differences between water bath and pressure canning, equipment, processing times, important safety techniques and the best ways to harvest and prepare produce before canning. We’ll also have delicious samples for you to try from our own Lehman’s pantry.

Saturday, July 15: Kids Old-Time Activities Class
Looking for something fun and educational for your children this summer? Our entertaining class will educate them on skills from the past and teach the basics of simpler living with hands on activities and presentations. The 1.5 hour class includes churning butter, scrubbing laundry with a washboard and tub, peeling apples, shelling corn, learning about oil lamps, an antique treasure hunt through our store, and a taste-testing of funny-flavored sodas. Plus, parents/chaperones receive a 10% discount coupon for purchases.

Saturday, August 5: Fermented Favorites – Homemade Sauerkraut, Kombucha, and Pickles
Fermenting is an old topic that is HOT again! Local organic gardener and simple living expert, Karen Geiser, will discuss how to select produce and equipment, how the fermenting process works, and the health benefits of these “good for the gut” foods. She will demonstrate making a batch of sauerkraut and dill pickles, plus discuss other ferments like yogurt and kombucha. Samples included!

Saturday, August 12: Applesauce Start to Finish! (Basic Water Bath Canning)
Join Kitchen Manager and veteran canner Amy Murray on a homemade applesauce journey! Amy will start with raw apples and demonstrate how to prepare and cook them, processing them with a food strainer, plus choosing the correct jars and lids and finally canning the applesauce in a water bath canner. There’s nothing like home-canned applesauce – come learn just how easy it is!

Tuesday, August 15: The Art of Cold Framing
Come learn from local organic gardening and simple living expert Karen Geiser, as she teaches how to get the greatest nutritional value out of the food you grow under a cold frame all winter long. Learn to grow salad greens into the winter months, even here in Ohio! Karen has been growing year-round greens for her family for 15 years and will share about varieties, planting dates and structures you can build to extend your harvest. Imagine serving a summer-fresh salad on Christmas Day, from your own backyard!

Saturday, September 16: Homemade Breads and Rolls
Learn successful baking techniques from seasoned baker and Kitchen Category Manager, Amy Murray. Amy will demonstrate how to make light, airy dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and more – from mixing the dough to the right consistency to shaping into loaves or rolls. She will cover different types of bread and loaf pans, as well as the pros and cons of each. At the end of the class, attendees will sample the fresh bread served with Lehman’s jams and jellies.

Get all the details on our FULL LIST of Homemade 101 classes here – more are being added through the end of 2017!

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