Grandma’s Kitchen Garden

I can remember my Grandma going out every evening into her little garden. She would gently pick some of this, snip some of that and always cut a big bunch of zinnias to brighten her kitchen table. Now I keep my own kitchen garden. Here’s why.

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Better Butter = Homemade

Rich, creamy, farm-fresh butter beats store-bought, hands-down. You don’t need a cow in the backyard, or a large churn. For small batches, a dandy little tabletop churn is easy and fun to use.

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Hot Breakfast: Fuel for Cold Winter Mornings

In the time it takes to set up your coffee maker at night, you can start a batch of hot oatmeal that will be ready to dish out and enjoy when you get up. Top with nuts, maple syrup, fresh fruit or whatever you’d like!

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