Christmas With Plain Folk

You may be surprised to discover that, at bottom, the Amish and Mennonites celebrate just like the rest of us–but maybe a little more quietly.

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The Perfect Holiday Gingerbread

We are gingerbread fans around here. We love to make it, we love to decorate it and we love to eat it. My dear husband is a particular fan of gingerbread houses

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Snapshot At A Family Farm

When you give thanks this week, don’t forget the family farmer! Blogger Dori tells us why she’s still glad to be farming in the 21st century.

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Balloon Boats Are Yin And Yang Of Lehman’s Products

Meg Freeling, today’s guest blogger, is from Sound Learning in Columbus, Ohio, and is a teacher and business consultant. This article is the result of recent conversation she had with Galen Lehman about Lehman’s products, and their points of origin, purchasing practices and the philosophies of need, purchasing and production.

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