Asparagus + Bacon = Super Supper Side Dish

In our house, we’ve been known to dress up the leftover vegetables with leftover bacon and drippings. It’s not hard to go wrong with a few savory, crunchy crumbles, and who doesn’t have a coffee cup of bacon drippings handy?

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Jerry’s Cast Iron (Stomach) Chili

Remember the Cast Iron Recipe Drawing we did recently? As you all know, we received hundreds of submissions, many of which will be in our new cookbook that we’re releasing May 26. Of all of those, this single recipe made us all laugh out loud–more than once!

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Prepper Dad Has His Say

“I’m not going to be the guy in the compound looking out at my community, guarding my peanut butter. I’m going to be the guy out helping in my community when trouble hits.

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Lemon Foof: It’s What’s For Easter Dessert

Some people remember their family histories through food. I know that my family is one of those. “Granny’s Sugar Cookies.” “Aunt Patty’s 10 O’Clock Rolls” “Aunt Lena’s Jello Salad”. And Mom’s “Lemon Foof.”

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Mole Chaser

Part 3: Spring Lawn Care Tips

With your lawn well on its way to being the showcase of the street or country lane, now’s the time to turn your attention to controlling weeds and garden pests.

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Part 2: Spring Lawn Care Tips

Doug Smith’s second installment of Spring Lawn Care Tips covers watering, overseeding and mowing. These practical tips will help you grow a thicker, healthier and happier lawn.

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Part I: Spring Lawn Care Tips

Starting right now, there’s plenty to be done to improve the space between the road and the front door. The steps include having the right equipment, as well as an assortment of dethatching, aerating, fertilizing, watering, mowing…

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Behind The Scenes at Lehman’s: Get Growing!

Be realistic when planning your garden. If you work full time and have family obligations when you’re home, chances are good you won’t have time to tend a two-acre garden. That doesn’t mean you need to give up gardening, though. Just find a way to fit gardening into your lifestyle.

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