Review: The Small-Scale Poultry Flock

The book, The Small-Scale Poultry Flock, by Harvey Ussery is a hefty resource full of useful knowledge and photos for those of us who want to or who are currently raising chickens and other domestic fowl. It’s really the go-to book when you have a question regarding your chickens or integrated flock.

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Recipe of the Week: Cider Pie, From The Days of Hard Times

I find myself with quite a lot of cider from this past fall’s pressing. I also have more maple syrup than we’ll use and, in spite of snow up to the window sills, sugaring time is around the corner. I want to use this up so today I’m making a Hard Times Cider Pie.

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The Philosophy of Time, Down East Style

This is what you might call “minute wise, hour foolish”. It happens when, in an effort to save a few minutes of time or labor, one makes choices that might seem to work in the short run…

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In Praise Of The Potato

Preparedness expert Kathy Harrison waxes lyrical (but in a sensible way) about the advantages of raising your own potatoes, and lists varieties that are especially successful in her Massachusetts garden.

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