Let There Be Natural Light

Prepardness blogger and author Kathy Harrison gives us an overview of her beeswax candlemaking method, which brightens her home and makes easy, sparkling gifts.

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“You Can Never Be Too Prepared.”

We’re hearing from many of our Facebook friends now that some folks have tracked down enough power to charge cell phones and portable computers after Hurricane Sandy. Hearing from them and hearing and seeing the news reports, there’s one clear message: You can never be too prepared.

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Beat Down That Grocery Bill!

The holidays are coming upon us quickly, and we’re all looking at the budget! Contributor Kathy Harrison has some suggestions to trim costs at the grocery store.

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Need Safe Water? Here’s How!

If you find yourself in an emergency, it’s good to be prepared to treat water scavenged from a creek or stream, or even rainwater from a cistern system to create potable water.

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The Pressing Business of Apples

Practical preparation and homesteading expert Kathy Harrison shares how she, her husband and four other families came to buy and use a cider press, which lets them put the apple-rich bounty of their New England home to good use.

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How to Make Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin butter is a great seasonal treat that you can use on your morning toast, bagel, dinner rolls and even on fruit. Also, with this recipe you have the option of making it on the stove or in the crock pot.

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