Be prepared!

Many say things are as bad now as they’ve been any time since the Great Depression. Bad times change people. On my Facebook

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How I lost 30 lbs

The weight started coming off when I stopped eating cereal every morning and switched to a healthy breakfast. I’ve kept it off for

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I am Amish-like!

Last week, I blogged about why some people would like to join the Amish. This week, I will admit that I might be

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Why Amish?

This week a friend and I were talking about why people choose to be Amish. This is a complicated question. But, if you

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How to be the best

Last week I did one of the toughest things I have to do all year. I pulled perfectly good fruit from most of

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Made in the USA!

There is a big sign in the entrance of our Kidron store with a picture of my dad. It says, in part, “We

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