Water Filters from Lehman's

Power Outage Survival 101

With the harsh winter months among us, power outages can almost always be expected wherever snow falls and ice accumulates. Unfortunately, many people will be caught unprepared, and will probably have to face a few cold, dark nights…

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Merry Christmas!

If you’re on our email list, you’ll get a Christmas greeting from our family to yours today. (Click here to sign up!) In

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“I yam who I yam.”

What the people we love say to us shapes our character, how we view the world and what we achieve. Why else would two 50-plus men remember long ago sayings like, “Every man needs a hammer,” and, “Do it right or not at all”?

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Birds, Amish, Community

Every October, swarms of starlings and blackbirds float over the freshly mowed wheat and corn fields here in NE Ohio. In a symphony

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Hipsters? Handpainted axes?

Very interesting blog post at fastcodesign.com Thanks for saying that at Lehman’s authenticity is, well, authentic! Galen Lehman, President, Lehman’s

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$10 an hour

Life is about relationships. How we go about starting and maintaining those relationships can take some unusual forms. I don’t think “how” matters, though.

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Wrong Way!

An amazing story of the American ingenuity and determination that made this country great. And, of not getting the credit you deserve. Would you risk your life to become the butt of jokes? Wrong Way Corrigan did!

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Get ready!

Milton Hershey buried a coffee can when trouble threatened. What are you doing? What should you be doing? I’ll try to get you started!

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