What does the future hold?

Economists seem to be divided on what the future holds. Some say we’re headed for a quick bounce back to a strong economy. Others say its going to be a long and painful slide into the abyss. As usual, I have my own theories…

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What makes it work?

I’m constantly trying to put my finger on exactly what we do at Lehman’s that makes us successful. I want to root out

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Creating our future

New Year’s Resolution, a bottle of whiskey and a crooked road. I hope I can make good choices and build a straight road. (No whiskey needed!)

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DIY Christmas Card Arch

Building this beautiful arch is a fairly simple project. You can find the supplies you need at your local home improvement store.

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Are family businesses a good thing?

For years, we’ve been advertising how Lehman’s was family-owned. We think that the folks who work in a family business take better care of their customers. However, I realized in a panic last week that some people might not agree with that. Do you? Read more on my blog at http://bit.ly/GalensBlog

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Imagine that you receive an unwanted gift. Or, that someone gives you a gift of breathtaking and life-changing importance. Either way, it’s hard to put your thankfulness into words.

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The Humanure Handbook from Lehman's

The Joy of Composting Toilets

We walked into the bathroom, with two sinks and a small shower and a teal-colored door in the back. Melody worked up a bit of theatrics for us: “And this,” she said as she opened the door, revealing a teal staircase with teal walls leading up to a bench with a toilet lid on it, “is the throne.”

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My economic benchmarks

Recently I spoke with a group of investors about what I my crystal ball tells me about our economic future. I have three metrics that I believe are simple and reliable leading indicators.

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