Hypnotizing Turkeys

Last year I blogged about hypnotizing chickens. Recently, I visited a friend with a small homestead farm. As the 10 or so guys

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Prunning Fruit Trees

It’s time to prune your fruit trees again, if you want large and healthy fruit. In fact, time is already running out if

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Turn, turn, turn!

When my dad, Jay Lehman, bought his tiny Kidron hardware store back in 1955, he was the only employee. He would work in

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French Press Coffee Maker

Best coffee!

This morning I made one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had! For years, I’ve been hearing that French Presses make

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Warm Snap!

This year’s Christmas break had unusual weather for almost everyone! It brought snow and ice to some people who didn’t expect it and

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Highway Surprise

Lehman’s stove installers were on their way to a customer’s home recently. The route took them south on I-77. The driver, Simon, spotted

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The Woodsman

This morning, I went out early before work and cut down a tree. No roaring, smoke belching chainsaw. Just me and my axe.

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Christine, the Chandler

In today’s fast moving world of cell phones, and CNN, you may be wondering how Lehman’s find the thousands of old-fashioned products that pepper our site, catalog and retail store. Who hand dips candles and weaves picnic baskets? Where can you find someone to create custom wrought iron, or make furniture out of old church pews? Follow Glenda Lehman Ervin (Vice President of Marketing and daughter of founder Jay Lehman) on the first article of her saga, Christine the Chandler

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