Are family businesses a good thing?

For years, we’ve been advertising how Lehman’s was family-owned. We think that the folks who work in a family business take better care of their customers. However, I realized in a panic last week that some people might not agree with that. Do you? Read more on my blog at http://bit.ly/GalensBlog

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Imagine that you receive an unwanted gift. Or, that someone gives you a gift of breathtaking and life-changing importance. Either way, it’s hard to put your thankfulness into words.

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The Humanure Handbook from Lehman's

The Joy of Composting Toilets

We walked into the bathroom, with two sinks and a small shower and a teal-colored door in the back. Melody worked up a bit of theatrics for us: “And this,” she said as she opened the door, revealing a teal staircase with teal walls leading up to a bench with a toilet lid on it, “is the throne.”

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My economic benchmarks

Recently I spoke with a group of investors about what I my crystal ball tells me about our economic future. I have three metrics that I believe are simple and reliable leading indicators.

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When down means up

What I learned from Grandpa helped me to see how expensive gas and oil could dramatically impact our lifestyle. With change comes instability. How will you and I be affected?

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Kidnapped by the Taliban!

‘I thought of my wife and family and was overcome with shame,’ said NY Times reporter David Rohde. Reading his story about being kidnapped in Afghanistan reminded me about what’s really important.

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Taking a chance

Most of the risks I’ve taken have ended in failure. Three broken bones, a handful of ugly scars and a trail of wrecked

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