Giant Checkers Game

Old-Fashioned Winter Fun for Children

Have we, as a society, slipped so far into the technological age that we’ve forgotten how to allow our children to play using… *gasp*… nothing but their imagination?

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Karen’s Kitchen Remedies May Beat Winter’s Germs

When dealing with minor ailments for family members, my first choice is searching for things in my kitchen cupboards or from the garden rather than unpronounceable chemicals found in drug store aisles. Since it is the season for “winter yuck,” I have gathered some of the basic remedies our family uses this time of year.

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Baked Oatmeal? Breakfast Cake? You Decide.

During my years as a camp cook, this tasty, cake-like variation on oatmeal won rave reviews from guest groups. Even diehard oatmeal-haters have been known to change their minds after trying it!

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Finally! Hot Coca Days

During a recent, unseasonably warm December, blogger Kathy Harrison decided to make some hot cocoa mix to get into the spirit of the season. Now that it’s cold across the US, you can warm up with her recipe!

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A Day In Small Farm Life

I get a fair number of questions about how I get it all done. The canning and the cooking and the gardening may well seem like never-ending drudgery to some.

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“Boxing Week”: Share And Remember

Think about paring down though January 6, the celebration of Epiphany, when the Wise Men visited and gave gifts to the infant Jesus, with no thought of return. Gather your own ‘gifts’, things that will help those less fortunate.

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