If You Give A Girl A Peach…

I was lucky enough to find an orchard within easy driving distance that did have fruit, so I loaded up last week and put in an order for a several more bushels for next week. I really appreciated my canning kitchen as I canned load after load.

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Watch Out for Buggies!

There was a horse-drawn buggy in the other lane headed downhill towards me. Suddenly, a Pepsi-Cola delivery truck crested the hill behind the buggy bearing down on us both at 60 mph.

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Q&A: Sweeten Up with Stevia

Stevia is a star in organic or traditionally grown gardens. I went to our expert on gardening, Karen Geiser, and she shared how she and her family use their homegrown stevia.

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Two Socks Haunts Cowboy Traveler

Four months have gone by since I first met Two Socks. He is a good teacher. The word “horsemanship” has new meanings. I have learned much from this horse.

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Asparagus + Bacon = Super Supper Side Dish

In our house, we’ve been known to dress up the leftover vegetables with leftover bacon and drippings. It’s not hard to go wrong with a few savory, crunchy crumbles, and who doesn’t have a coffee cup of bacon drippings handy?

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Jerry’s Cast Iron (Stomach) Chili

Remember the Cast Iron Recipe Drawing we did recently? As you all know, we received hundreds of submissions, many of which will be in our new cookbook that we’re releasing May 26. Of all of those, this single recipe made us all laugh out loud–more than once!

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