How to choose a good attorney

Everyone hates the legal bureaucracy that enmeshes us. But, we all recognize the importance of having a lawyer you can trust. This week, in discussion with two dozen business executives from NE Ohio, I (re)learned how to choose and use an attorney.

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Lehman's Own Reading 78 Apple Peeler

Preserving the past…building a better future

At Lehman’s, we believe that old fashioned, proven solutions often work better than the latest fad. Just because something is new doesn’t make it better. Our proudest moments crystallize around preserving the past…

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Customer Thank You

Once in a while, something bad happens to a customer’s order. Our goal is first of all to prevent those problems. When that fails, we move heaven and earth to make it right. Here’s the full story, in a customer’s words.

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Treasured Memories at Lehman’s

Blogger Mary Troyer Rabatin visited Lehman’s and wrote about her experience. Great article! Click here to see the full article: Mary’s Treasured Memories:

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Be Prepared Part 2

When the going gets tough, we certainly have the option of turning our backs on our community and only “looking out for number one.” It’s undeniably true that the most powerful impulse toward self-preservation is to put own needs ahead of others. But, we can never lose sight of the fact that the success of the community will ultimately dictate our own success.

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Raising a gardener

How I accidentally discovered what it takes to raise a child with values like my own. I tried to live what I believe. Low and behold, he got the message.

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